Just got an e-reader? Free ‘clinics’ offered at Southwest Library

For anyone and everyone whose holiday presents included an “e-reader,” the Seattle Public Library‘s Southwest Branch in West Seattle (35th/Henderson) is offering special clinics each of the next four afternoons, 1-3 pm. (Yes, the libraries ARE open today!)

10 Replies to "Just got an e-reader? Free 'clinics' offered at Southwest Library"

  • Neighbor December 26, 2011 (10:17 am)

    Is security going to be on hand when we walk out of the library and on our way home with our new iPad and such devices? After reading the amount of robberies and muggings on this blog I really think twice about leaving my home with mine. Concerned.

  • WSB December 26, 2011 (11:01 am)

    Haven’t had very many, actually, and none in this area, if you are sincerely worried. If you go by car, SW Library also has a convenient adjacent parking lot. And it’s in the center of a busy mini-business district so generally a fair amount of people bustling about. Beautiful library, too. – TR

  • mookie December 26, 2011 (11:02 am)

    What a wonderful idea; thank you Southwest Library peeps!!

  • Neighbor December 26, 2011 (11:20 am)

    None what in this area? If you are referring to muggings can’t those happen just about anywhere? Good criminals are entreapearurial and look for opurtunities just like you advertised here.

  • Krm66 December 26, 2011 (9:12 pm)

    Neighbor- then don’t go. It’s not that difficult. I appreciate WSB posting this info so I can choose to attend or not. You can choose to attend or not as well, it didn’t say it was mandatory.

  • Dietrich December 26, 2011 (10:34 pm)

    Thanks WSB!

  • Ajax December 27, 2011 (2:59 pm)

    Neighbor – Why the constant passive aggressive and downright hostile comments in response to innocuous stories on this blog? It really does seem that you have a personal issue with WSB for posting information about things going on in West Seattle (which is the primary purpose of a neighborhood blog).

  • WSB December 27, 2011 (3:16 pm)

    We’re actually NOT a “neighborhood blog” (I wish I could go back in time six years and call the site something WITHOUT the dreaded “b word,” but I just honestly had no idea it would turn into this) – this is a professional, commercial, journalist-run, community-collaborative news service that happens to publish in what is known as blog format, newest-to-oldest. (2012 may be the year we change the name, finally, as the “b word” does get in the way.) As such, we cover, report, and publish the news, including dozens of stories big and small you will never see anywhere else, and will continue to do so. Thanks for the support, it vastly outweighs the occasional heckling :) which corporate news orgs get too (I was usually the manager who had to deal with it!) … TR

  • mrsB December 27, 2011 (5:55 pm)

    It is indeed a very nice library and I’ve never felt unsafe in that area, at least not during library hours. As for WSB being somehow implicated in muggings because of informing readers of local events such as the e-reader classes, well that’s paranoia.

  • miws December 27, 2011 (7:04 pm)

    Obviously, any uptick in car and home break-ins, offleash dogs, owners not cleaning up after their dogs, excesssive speeding on arterials, house/car eggings, severe weather, local business failures, etc are all WSB’s fault for reporting them, and giving other individuals, and fate, ideas! ;-)


    Idea for new name; The TR Report With Patrick.

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