Final West Seattle coyote report of 2011? Two seen in Admiral

“Fred by the Library” sent this just before midnight:

Saw 2 healthy-sized coyotes about 30 minutes ago by Arch Ave SW and Walnut Ave SW [map] while walking the dog. They sauntered away to the NW after we saw each other (they were about 50 yards away).

Thought others in the neighborhood might like to know.

Coyotes made it into our West Seattle wildlife year-in-review report; if you haven’t read up recently on what to do if you see one (most important advice – try to spook them), here it is again.

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  • Max December 31, 2011 (7:49 am)

    Yes, I saw one a couple of blocks south of the water tower at 39th and Charlston last week. He was loping down the sidewalk like he owned the place.
    And while we are talking wildlife; About two weeks ago, I was drawn out of my house at the sound of about 40+ black birds cackling loudly, and swarming around the roof of my neighbors house. My faithful Irish Setter saw it first, but on the peak of the house was a Snowy Owl, a big one, at least 14″ tall. He didn’t stay there long, as the crows were intent in running him out of town. Wish I could have got a picture, he was beautiful when he opened his wings and took off.
    So, I guess, cat and small dog owners, beware.

  • KatherineL December 31, 2011 (10:01 am)

    Max, what time did you see the owl?

  • rock December 31, 2011 (11:40 am)

    12/31 6am saw coyote strutting down the middle of sw henderson at 38th sw, checking out both sides of the street looking for breakfast!

  • Max December 31, 2011 (1:39 pm)

    To be more precise, I saw the owl around 7:15 am on 12/1 or so. Can’t recall the exact date.

  • Cheryl January 4, 2012 (12:31 pm)

    COYOTE SIGHTING in Highland Park: On December 17th we had a coyote in front of our house on 4th Ave. SW near the lower east side of Westcrest Park. We have a tiny dog who was in the front yard around 9:00 pm when we heard her yelp & scream, ran to the door and saw the coyote standing over her near the cars at the edge of the street. Our dog ran like lightning to the house and when we tried to scare the coyote away, it actually took a few steps towards us. We stomped and yelled a little louder and it ran off around the side of our house (not into the woods as we expected). This coyote definitely seemed accustomed to being around people and we are SOOOO lucky that we didn’t open the door to watch a coyote carry our little dog away!! Prior to that night, and now finding this blog, we had no idea there were coyotes in the city. Needless to say, we are keeping a close eye on our dog now!

  • Joel Egan January 5, 2012 (6:32 pm)

    At 9:30am today (1/5/2012) I heard crows screaming in my neighbor’s front yard- 3257 40th ave SW. When I stepped outside I saw an excited – almost exhilerated- coyote sprinting out of that yard and headed S on 40th, then turn W on Hinds street. Gone.

    Dive-bombed by six or more crows as he kept running.

    The coyote saw me and gave me about 15′ clearance as he zipped around me. He moved fast- bounding quickly much faster than a typical dog. About 45 pounds. Definitely a coyote. Did not look scared of me or the crows. Looked mildly annoyed. If he were human he would have been laughing.

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