Video: New SSCC sign for Steve & Sharon Huling Automotive Center

South Seattle Community College is known for an ever-longer list of specialties … food, wine, horticulture, automotive technology, to name a few. The latter was in the spotlight today at a ceremony unveiling a sign in honor of its forthcoming Steve and Sharon Huling Automotive Center. This was a followup to the announcement last year that the Hulings would be the namesakes of the center, which is about to undergo an $18 million renovation, increasing to 45,590 square feet with 27 shop bays (up from the current 18), enabling an enrollment expansion. Dozens of dignitaries and students, from the Hulings and SSCC president Gary Oertli to a large contingent of the program’s faculty and students, participated in the ceremony. Here’s our video:

The Hulings have long been strong supporters of SSCC, with Steve Huling currently on its President’s Advisory Council. The couple shared a champagne toast with the president after the sign unveiling:

Given the family history in the automotive business (until 2007), the center is perfect synergy, especially since it will offer a “dealership environment” for students to work on vehicles. A few datapoints about the program at SSCC, as mentioned during today’s ceremony: Its faculty includes three full-time in automotive technology and one in collision repair, with more than 80 students; a six-quarter Associate of Applied Science degree is available in Auto Tech, as well as training certificates in various areas. It’s won a “Top 4 Automotive Schools” award, and they expect to be offering classes soon in alternative fuels. The future Steve and Sharon Huling-named center is on the north side of the main campus.

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  • cjboffoli November 30, 2011 (8:13 am)

    I’m curious… what is the source of the $18 million in funding for this center? I couldn’t seem to find that detail covered anywhere (besides a passing mention during one of the speeches). Usually, naming opportunities for new centers happen because a major donor has made a gift to the institution. It is a bit unconventional for a college to build a facility and name it in honor of a family. I’m not saying the Hulings don’t deserve it or that it isn’t a great thing for SSCC. I was just puzzled by the, er, mechanics of it all.

  • norsk girl November 30, 2011 (9:59 am)

    The Huling name/brand still suffers a negative image from historic poor business practice(s). Seeing the Huling name does not inspire a positive reaction from me.
    IF they are the source of the generous funding for this new center, a big “thank you” is in order. And if so, perhaps this will be a step toward cleaning up their tarnished name, and moving to a more positive future.

  • Near Alki November 30, 2011 (10:10 am)

    Did something ever become of the Gee Vs Huling lawsuit (and counter-suit)? Maybe not the place to ask…but I’ve been wondering if I missed some WSB update regarding these.

    • WSB November 30, 2011 (10:26 am)

      Went to arbitration in 2009. Order of dismissal in 2010. Settled out of court, apparently, as there are no details attached to the dismissal order.

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