West Seattle Monday: Viaduct closure Q/A, NDNC, and more

(WSDOT photo, via Flickr)
VIADUCT CLOSURE, AND POST-CLOSURE, MEETING TONIGHT: When the upcoming Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition/construction closure is over on or by October 31st, drivers will be using this bypass – and the section of The Viaduct that’s over it now will be gone. But before you get there – it’s the nine-day, 10-night closure, and TONIGHT is your chance for Q/A, one-on-one and/or in a large group, with the people who have answers. West Seattle High School commons, 6-8 pm (with three West Seattleites speaking at 6:30 – City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, County Councilmember Joe McDermott, and Viaduct deputy project director Matt Preedy). 3000 California SW.

ROAD WORK SCHEDULED FOR TODAY: Unless it’s called off because of the rain (we’re checking), today is the scheduled start of work to put in a downhill transit lane and uphill bike lane along part of SW Avalon Way through the Luna Park business district.

COLUMBUS DAY: No postal mail and no banks. It’s not a local government holiday, though, so those offices are open, as are schools.

VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Today’s a key deadline on the road to next month’s election – the deadline to register, or update your information, online or by mail. Full details here.

‘TIS THE SOUP SEASON: West Seattle Cooking Club meets at 2 pm at Beveridge Place Pub. This week’s theme: Soup. (Bring yours, enjoy others’.)

NORTH DELRIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: They’re meeting tonight at 6:30 pm, Delridge Library (Brandon/Delridge). Agenda includes a briefing on how Fauntleroy Expressway project detours next month will affect Delridge, and discussion of other traffic projects, plus a look ahead to tomorrow night’s Delridge Community Forum meeting about the DESC homeless-housing project.

CITY CHICKENS: Interested in learning about raising chickens in your backyard? Attend tonight’s free class, “Keeping Chickens in the City,” 6:30 pm at the Southwest Library branch. Organizers say, “The basics of chicken keeping will be covered: starting with chicks or hens, requirements for housing, food and care, all about eggs, and more.” Details here.

OCTOBER 10: Roxhill Elementary PTA meets, 6:30 pm in the school library.

FIGHT THE TOX-ICK MONSTER: Tonight at 7 pm at Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point (1901 SW Genesee), Sustainable West Seattle presents its “Don’t Feed the Tox-Ick Monster” roadshow – and you’re doing a good deed just by showing up; an environmental project at Pathfinder gets $1,000 if the turnout hits 40 adults. Free pizza, too!

ALSO AT PATHFINDER TONIGHT: Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council meets, 7 pm.

9 Replies to "West Seattle Monday: Viaduct closure Q/A, NDNC, and more"

  • Glendafrench October 10, 2011 (10:13 am)

    Has there been any discussion I’ve missed that the Elliott Bay Water Taxi is planning on bigger boats for the closure dates? I’m guessing that will be a solution for a lot of people.

  • Robert2715 October 10, 2011 (11:40 am)

    Was “hoping” that the commute would be better today but was only marginally so.

    Glendafrench – There are no other Water Taxi vessels available – bigger or smaller which means if the Water Taxi boat has a maintenance issue it really is a problem. When it was subcontracted through Argosy, Argosy had enough boats to do replacements but Argosy’s boats are S-L-O-W and not really practical for rush hour.

  • JAT October 10, 2011 (12:20 pm)

    Yay for the uphill bike lane and downhill transit lane on Avalon. Sensible context-specific allocation of pavement (buses cruise uphill on that stretch but struggle downhill in the a.m. and vice versa for bikes)

  • sam-c October 10, 2011 (12:56 pm)

    speaking of road work-
    this weekend I noticed spray paint all over the street- SW Orchard Street, between SW Myrtle St and Dumar Way SW. are they re-paving this ?
    that would make me (and every-one else that lives in Puget Ridge, I think) soo happy..

  • celeste17 October 10, 2011 (12:56 pm)

    Glendafrench-There will be added runs for the Water Taxi and bigger shuttles to get to and from the boat. I know its been discussed and they are going to allow parking at the boat ramp parking and will change street parking so there is no overnight parking durning this time frame.

    • WSB October 10, 2011 (2:16 pm)

      Please bring your Water Taxi questions tonight too. Meantime, as we have reported and as Celeste notes, more runs, bigger shuttles, and more parking.

  • clark5080 October 10, 2011 (4:42 pm)

    Can’t make as I work nights but can you ask about the seawall just wondering where that fits into the construction timeline.

  • Sna October 10, 2011 (7:04 pm)

    Water taxi has a capacity of 150. There’s a very good chance people will be turned away.

  • JN October 10, 2011 (7:44 pm)

    So if you are cycling downhill on Avalon, do you use the bus lane (since that is the rightmost position) or do you use the general travel lane?

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