West Seattle weekend scenes: 5 views of today’s fog

(one more added) Four Five photos taken before this morning’s fog burned off show the beauty the low clouds can bring. Above, Joan O says that view of the the clouds looked like “big fluffy waves”; other photographers’ views, from the forest to the ferries to the Needle, ahead:

Thanks to Trileigh Tucker for the Lincoln Park view; next, Russ noted the Space Needle seeming to float above the fog:

And Paul T captured the sight of two ferries passing:

The latest forecast seems to be a little low on sunshine, so enjoy this last hour or two of evening brightness while we have it!

ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT: From Debra Salazar Herbst, taken from the West Seattle Water Taxi:

6 Replies to "West Seattle weekend scenes: 5 views of today's fog"

  • emmyjane August 28, 2011 (6:22 pm)

    I’m so glad someone got (and shared!) a picture of the two ferries. We were watching them this morning and wished we had a camera. Very cool with one in the fog and one out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Robert2715 August 28, 2011 (8:29 pm)

    I woke up this morning around sunrise and couldn’t understand why I heard fog horns as my view faces downtown and there was no fog at that time. Then a little while later “the fog” came in.

  • MargL August 28, 2011 (8:48 pm)

    Very pretty! Love the mountains in the background and the mountains of fog in front! I miss those mountains!
    But you guys got nuthin’ on San Fran for rolling fog… Sigh. Wish we had less of it!
    Apparently we picked one of the foggiest neighborhoods in the area! Whee!

  • The Velvet Bulldog August 28, 2011 (9:03 pm)

    LOVE the Lincoln Park photo–it looks like some kind of movie set. Incredible photography! Trilegh, do you sell your photos?

  • weepingwillow August 28, 2011 (10:14 pm)

    So beautiful! I love Seattle!

  • Trileigh August 29, 2011 (11:39 am)

    Velvet Bulldog – Thank you! Please contact me if you like; you can click on my name underneath my photo above to get to my website, naturalpresence.wordpress.com. Then click on “About” to get in touch.

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