Update: West Seattle Water Taxi resumes Thursday

3:24 PM: Just in from the King County Department of Transportation’s Marine Division: The West Seattle Water Taxi‘s runs are now canceled for the rest of today, because repair of what was described as a “defective weld” in the hull of the Rachel Marie is taking longer. The county is expecting to resume West Seattle Water Taxi service tomorrow morning.

5 PM UPDATE: The county confirms service will resume tomorrow.

5 Replies to "Update: West Seattle Water Taxi resumes Thursday"

  • Caprial April 27, 2011 (4:16 pm)

    Wow. I wonder how many times the state run water taxi has been “down” and cancelled since they took over the run from Argosy. I know it is massively more expensive to the taxpayers, but also unreliable.

  • pumpkin April 27, 2011 (8:17 pm)

    I can’t remember a time the old water taxi was out of comission unless weather related. If residents are going to use the water taxi as a viable means to commute, they need to know they can rely on the service. It seems to have been down several times this year with no back-up to support riders.

  • William April 27, 2011 (9:22 pm)

    The boats King County uses for their water taxi were used for a ferry in Honolulu a couple years ago. They were frequently out of service over there too. I hope the County can do something. The peak summer season is almost upon us.

  • Caprial April 28, 2011 (5:12 am)

    And isn’t it funny that when the boat is going to be down for a while, they call on “old reliable” to provide the service? The taxpayers could have saved alot of money by keeping the run subsidized as opposed to state-run.

  • Off Alki Mike April 28, 2011 (12:07 pm)

    Save taxpayers $’s, buy out the service to the Argosy folks!

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