Update: Delridge Skatepark construction crew digs in

Some people are so excited about Delridge Skatepark, they are watching every little detail as construction begins – so if that’s you, here’s the latest. We published a photo Monday showing the fencing that had just gone up at the site – then came word that construction equipment had arrived – and today, that equipment is digging in, so you can say the official “groundbreaking” has occurred (no ceremony was planned). Some skateboarding advocates had fretted that West Seattle would never get a skatepark, since the original proposal drew opposition 3+ years ago when it was proposed for Myrtle Reservoir Park – which finally opened last fall and will be dedicated a week from Saturday – but a new site search followed, and North Delridge welcomed it with open arms. The skatepark should be complete and open in late summer.

5 Replies to "Update: Delridge Skatepark construction crew digs in"

  • PBaer April 21, 2011 (3:14 pm)

    It is so wonderful the city is adding great additions to the family friendly Delridge Neighborhood. All Delridge needs now is a bus route to the Junctions so more of West Seattle can enjoy the future Skate Park without driving.

  • w.s. maverick April 21, 2011 (4:07 pm)

    im glad they are doing this. I wish they had public skate parks when I was a kid.

  • Been There April 21, 2011 (4:15 pm)

    Five, young neighborhood boys who live 3.5 blocks from the new Delridge Skatepark just road by my house on skateboards. I have never seen these particular kids ride skateboards before. Some say there is no such thing as synchronicity, I think they are wrong:)

    Clearly the word is getting out about the new Delridge Skatepark and the warm-up’s are already beginning!

  • Brandon April 22, 2011 (8:10 am)


  • Jeremiah April 30, 2011 (5:25 pm)

    I have been waiting for this for SO long! Its really nice to see that it is coming true.

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