Fairmount Ravine Cleanup 2011: The mystery mattress, and more

Following the first round of weekend-cleanup updates on Saturday, we received a report and photos tonight from the Fairmount Ravine annual-cleanup team:

The nice weather encouraged more to attend and the event was very successful. Twenty people joined up last Saturday for the Fairmount Ravine’s 19th annual cleanup and reforestation. It is quite apparent that pedestrian users of the ravine regularly help keep the ravine clean (thank you) as there was little trash alongside the road from top to bottom by Salty’s. As usual, most of the trash is located under and alongside the bridge itself, as well as considerable graffiti, which means discarded spray-paint cans.

We found two homeless young men living under the west side of the bridge and Seattle Police stopped by to ensure we did not have another pit bull incident like last year. One young man departed but the other chipped in and helped clean up the hillside. We still find one or two “pop top” cans amongst the undergrowth but the most unusual item was a perfectly good king size mattress set……(see photo). Several people removed ivy growing on trees as it eventually kills the mature trees within the ravine and they topple over.

This year, we also chose to clean the top of the ravine, namely sidewalk along the north side of the bridge. Since no one could even remember the last time it was cleaned by the city, years of dirt, decayed leaves and even three foot tall weeds were growing on the sidewalk. A special thanks to Kevin and Marie for tackling this major undertaking. It looks terrific. We also want to thank Tully’s Coffee for again supplying coffee and supporting this neighborhood effort.

The results:

3 Replies to "Fairmount Ravine Cleanup 2011: The mystery mattress, and more"

  • LStephens March 21, 2011 (8:04 am)

    A huge THANK YOU to the volunteers for caring about your community! Thank you for your time and efforts!!

  • DF March 21, 2011 (8:57 am)

    Give back to your neighborhood and more importantly our Puget Sound clean the storm-drain on the corner of your street or those leaves from your curd side tree including those leaves carried by the wind down or across the street. Be that humble hero!

  • E March 21, 2011 (2:01 pm)

    Thank You volunteers! You totally rock!

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