West Seattle coyotes: High Point close encounter; 2 others

Just in from Wendy Hughes-Jelen, most recently of the Kitty Cornered kitten-raising saga, a High Point coyote close encounter tonight:

Late-night dog walkers on Graham at High Point Dr [map] were followed by a coyote after the courtesy patrol followed it down an alley. It looped down a walkway and came back to follow us on our block. Sophia and I ran for the porch and Steve ran it off. I am a country girl and believe in coexisting with wildlife; however, this life is more urban than wild and the coyote did not show the appropriate shyness or fear of 2 humans and a dog on a short leash. If I used an 18 foot flexi leash like most people do and also we were not aware of where our dog was and where the coyote was things could be different. Courtesy patrol is what pointed it out to us as it stood at the mouth of an alley we had just passed 30 seconds before and the car came around the corner toward us and caught it in its lamps. It was large for its breed and clearly hunting.

(Sophia is the Hughes-Jelens’ Italian greyhound.) Meantime … 2 other West Seattle sightings reported in the past few days. From Shannon on Friday afternoon:

I was just doing dishes and spotted a coyote hanging out in Greg Davis park through my window at 1pm today. He isn’t spooked by passing cars or my dog barking. Just a heads up to all the dog walkers that use those trails and park. It’s the corner of Brandon and 26th. [map]

And from John at 51st/College (map) early Wednesday afternoon:

FYI: Just saw a very healthy-looking coyote emerge from the greenbelt and walk down the street before ducking under our neighbor’s hedge.

4 Replies to "West Seattle coyotes: High Point close encounter; 2 others"

  • nighthawk November 29, 2010 (1:06 am)

    Coyotes can be very brazen. I was at Yellowstone National Park in October and there was a Coyote hanging out in one of the parking lots. When we came back from the trail there was a man who had his dogs there (little things) and said that just a few minute before his wife almost lost them. She was walking around the parking lot and the coyote tried to attack. someone helped her out and got the dogs back to their RV but the coyote was not afraid of anything.

  • 35this35mph November 29, 2010 (9:16 am)

    Just curious, what is the courtesy patrol?

  • Stephen November 29, 2010 (6:34 pm)

    The “Courtesy Patrol” is the security company that is hired to patrol the High Point neighborhood.

  • 35this35mph November 29, 2010 (10:18 pm)

    Got it. Thank you.

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