California SW ‘upzoning’: Back to council committee Tuesday

This Tuesday morning brings the City Council Committee on the Built Environments next hearing for the proposal to rezone a block-plus along California SW south of Admiral. The three-year-old proposal would rezone the area to allow taller buildings and bigger businesses; here’s our coverage of the committee’s first meeting about it, week before last. As decided then, the council will listen to oral arguments Tuesday, from both the neighbors who are fighting it by filing appeals, and from supporters. The agenda is here, with links to documents including the council’s official briefing memo; it’s the first item on the agenda for the 9 am Tuesday meeting at City Hall. Here’s our archive of coverage dating back to when the proposal was first made public in November 2007. There is no specific project proposed in the rezoning area, but supporters have argued that the new zoning will make “nicer” redevelopment more likely. If the committee does not vote on it Tuesday, they would take it up again next week; once they have voted, it goes to the full council for a final decision.

2 Replies to "California SW 'upzoning': Back to council committee Tuesday"

  • ARE YOU KIDDING? November 29, 2010 (9:59 pm)

    “new zoning will make “”nicer”” redevelopment more likely”?
    NO! A park would be “nicer”. Open space would be “nicer”. Down-sizing would be “nicer”. Being creative with the zoning available would be “nicer”. Shading your neighbors and blocking views is not “nicer”. Cayce, I’m in the neighborhood you grew up in and loved because West Seattle is “nicer” smaller.
    Listen to John Bogle of Vanguard “The difference between you and me is there is something I have that you will never have–ENOUGH”.

  • Lorelee November 29, 2010 (10:59 pm)

    Tuesday morning is not a good time for neighbors to attend this hearing. It has been very hard as a working mom to be involved in this process. I DO care about this issue but there doesn’t seem to be a way to participate in this process and voice my concern about the upzone. Business will win again….

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