Video: Chief Sealth International High School’s 2010 graduation

ORIGINAL 5:18 PM REPORT: We’re at Memorial Stadium downtown for the second of West Seattle’s three major high-school graduations this month – Chief Sealth International High School. Bright sunshine over the stadium, grads decked out in their light-blue and white gowns. They’ve just been congratulated by Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson. A few more notes to come as the ceremony proceeds (West Seattle High School graduates at the same time, same place, tomorrow). 5:31 PM: Staff speaker Peter Junkerman just told the grads that the move to temporary quarters at Boren two years ago proved “a school is more than a building.” (Sealth moves into its renovated permanent campus this fall.) He also has noted that the class earned $2.2 million in scholarships, between the nearly 200 grads. However – “The truth today is that, we celebrate you, and we worry about you. … Tomorrow is a new beginning. It’s the first day of the rest of your life. … (Today) is an ending, and a beginning.”

5:47 PM: School Board member Steve Sundquist is quoting Stephen Colbert, urging the grads to reject cynicism (as Colbert did in a speech), and President Obama. And he has just officially accepted the class of 2010. 6:04 PM: Diplomas are under way! Looks like this will end on time, by 6:30. Video and more photos later. ADDED 8:14 PM: After the alma mater, the grads did a “flash mob”-style dance to a medley – here’s two minutes of it:

LATE-NIGHT ADDITIONS: A quick look at the cheering crowd as grads get their diplomas:

Student speakers included student body president Mohamed Mohamed and senator Alexis Sullivan, along with Chantel Hunt and, with a style that drew cheers, Roxie Torres:

7 Replies to "Video: Chief Sealth International High School's 2010 graduation"

  • 2010 Blue Front June 15, 2010 (10:08 pm)

    WHOOO!! WE DID GREAT! GO 2010!

  • 2011 =) June 15, 2010 (10:30 pm)

    Im so happy for the c/o 2010! Chief Sealth has some AMAZING seniors and everyone at Sealth is so proud of them! We’re gonna miss you guys!

  • add June 16, 2010 (5:13 am)

    I love that dance at the end! How cool that so many kids learned the moves and did it all together!

  • miws June 16, 2010 (7:57 am)

    Congrats c/o 2010!


    CSHS Spirit of ’76!

  • GenHillOne June 16, 2010 (8:26 am)

    Way to go – fun stuff! So great that the sunshine held for you to :)

    Congrats 2010!

  • Eliza June 16, 2010 (1:18 pm)

    Way to go graduates!!

    Might I say, what a freaking awesome speaker that Mr. Junkerman is! What a fine, stand-up, funny and clever man, and as Mr. Junkerman said “what a great day to be alive!!”

    Eliza Junkerman (no relation)
    (ok, his daughter)

    • WSB June 16, 2010 (1:21 pm)

      He was good, Eliza. I’m sorry our video didn’t come out – shooting from the back of the field to somebody under a tent (as you can see from the clip of Roxie) isn’t always a slamdunk. Congrats to all the school staffers who have helped the grads make their way.

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