West Seattle Crime Watch: Success story, plus two alerts

Three reports to share this time – first one’s a case of watchful neighbors getting a suspect off the street:

Fairmount Springs coalition of Block Watchers (about a hundred on our list) had a success story last week by reporting a local known problem person who had no reason to be in the neighborhood. The ever-vigilant block watch captain on 41st confronted (the man), who had a very dumb reason to be in the neighborhood (Thanksgiving at a vacant house) and reported him to the police. Thanks to SPD, they showed up and arrested (the man), who is now in jail on numerous charges. This guy has been seen lurking in yards and slowly driving his red Merc down alleys in our neighborhood and is suspected of being the source of some local crime.

According to King County Jail Register records, this is the fifth time this year the man’s been in jail – this arrest came just three weeks after his most recent release. He’s being held for alleged failure to appear to face previous charges, including harassment, trespassing and pot possession. Meantime, we have two more reports to share – a car break-in, and suspected casing – those two reports, just ahead:

From “Concerned Neighbor” in Westwood:

I just wanted to alert people living in the area of Thistle and 31st and 32nd (map) of possible people casing the neighborhood. We noticed three men who kept circling our neighborhood separately in different directions. They would meet up every once and a while and talk briefly and then walk in a different direction. It was very suspicious. They were obviously not out for a afternoon stroll. I just noticed one of the men again this morning at the bus stop on Thistle and 31st. He was staring at the houses and then took off. I called the non-emergency line and warned my neighbors to keep a look out. Hope I’m just being paranoid, but it seemed very strange. All of the men are white. The first one is tall and heavier, either bald or with very short hair. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt and smoking a cigarette. The second one is shorter with dark hair. The third one was also shorter and younger. He was wearing a hat and walking a pit bull puppy. Keep a look out for suspicious behavior if you see these men.

From another Westwood resident, in the 9000 block of 21st SW (map):

Sometime last night, 11/30, my son’s car was broken into. His car is parked in our Driveway. It appears that the thieves went thru his car looking for any valuables. They took about $15 worth of change and fortunately left the car without any other damage. The car may have been left unlocked and that is why the alarm did not go off. We have an established block watch also. I will be notifying my neighbors of the incident. I just want everyone in the area to be aware, unfortunately, the Holiday season may bring more desperate people and desperate acts.

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  • Ray West December 3, 2009 (4:51 am)

    The Fairmount Springs arrest will only be a true “success” story if and when this person is permanently put in jail, which seems unlikely, considering this is the “fifth time this year” that he’s been arrested. Our ‘revolving door of justice’ system seems to allow neighborhoods only short respites from criminal activities before the thiefs are back on the streets again.

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