Reopening date set for Southwest Pool: November 2nd

We’ve been chronicling what started as a federally mandated project to upgrade the drain system to new safety standards, and turned into maintenance/repairs for an unforeseen problem. Now Seattle Parks says Southwest Pool will reopen Nov. 2, after passing a key inspection today, and there’s a special offer to thank patient patrons – read on:

Southwest Pool is scheduled to reopen on Monday, November 2. Regular drop-in
programs will begin with Early Morning Lap Swim at 6 a.m. on Monday.

As a way to welcome patrons back, special discount pricing of $2 (or two-for-one
admissions for Quick Card users) will apply to all drop-in programs through November
30. All Public Swim, Lap Swim and Fitness classes are eligible for this rate.

Swim lessons will resume on a regular schedule on Wednesday, November 4. All
enrolled participants should plan on attending lessons on the assigned day and time.
Credit will be given on accounts for missed classes due to the closure.

The pool was closed in mid-August for regular maintenance and to complete the
federally required replacement of pool drains, in accordance with the Virginia
Graeme Baker Act. The closure had been planned for three weeks.

After the new drains were installed, a pressure test revealed leaks, which turned
out to be from cracks in the main circulation system piping. Because the pipes are
15 feet underground, a complex interior pipe repair technique was employed. After
several attempts, the repair was made.

Earlier today, the King County Health Department completed a final inspection of the
new drains. Parks is now moving forward with final concrete work, cleaning, filling
the pool, and heating the water.

4 Replies to "Reopening date set for Southwest Pool: November 2nd"

  • CMP October 22, 2009 (4:08 pm)

    Finally. I can’t wait to get back to swimming with those awesome lane ropes and no flags. Why is it still taking over a week to finish this additional work? My BF runs a 50 meter pool and he’d never have it closed that long to do the same kind of maintenance.

  • swimcat October 22, 2009 (4:22 pm)

    It would certainly be nice to swim with lanelines in that pool instead of dealing with the crappy lane ropes that do nothing except make a wavey mess. The lane lines are right there too, rolled up on deck. It’s mind-boggling.

  • onceachef October 22, 2009 (4:37 pm)

    Yeah…let’s all complain that the pool is fixed and going to be open soon…waaaaa! I, for one, and happy and have no issues with the time it took (“stuff” happens, ya know?) or the lane ropes…sheesh!

  • que October 22, 2009 (5:39 pm)

    Yay!!! The kiddo will be thrilled! Happy to get back to lessons!

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