Quick update from Angelina’s new owners: “Now closed”

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As scheduled (and reported here 2 weeks ago), Angelina’s Trattoria is now closed in Admiral so its new owners can make renovations. We got a note via Facebook from co-owner Allison Rich, regarding the closure and the staff status:

I wanted to let you know that Angelina’s is now closed; the paper will go up on the windows tonight, and the buildout will start when all permits are in order. We are still hoping to open in early October. We are keeping the chef and manager, as well as meeting with all of the current staff tomorrow.

Staffers had posted an open letter to customers in the comment section following our previous report. The new owners are planning to add new restrooms and a bar during the renovation work; they’ve said they’re keeping the name, and while the menu will remain Italian-focused, there’ll be some “not Italian” offerings too.

17 Replies to "Quick update from Angelina's new owners: "Now closed""

  • 4thGenWestSide September 1, 2009 (9:28 pm)


  • Mmm September 1, 2009 (9:56 pm)

    And I hope there is a requirement that staff bathe or shower before working. Or was that smell coming from somewhere else?

  • jlhall September 1, 2009 (10:16 pm)

    This is so totally depressing to my family and me. My daughter has been chowing down on Angelina’s Chicken Parmesan since infancy! And the Putanesca is the best I’ve had anywhere, hands down! The staff people are just so incredibly warm and friendly. . . Please keep them all! And please keep the putanesca and the chicken parmesan, and the wonderful warmth that has been there for West Seattle families (with kids in tow!) for all these years!

  • tiffany kosa September 1, 2009 (11:47 pm)

    Please, please, PLEASE!!! Don’t change the menu or I just might die!!! I mean it. I do agree that the place did need a little remodel. But will be there the first day you reopen.

  • 24601 September 2, 2009 (1:02 am)

    Glad we got in our “last supper” there two weeks ago, and i will be quite sad if the menu changes much at all. Some people say it is “just” good solid italian food — i can hardly think of a better compliment to be able to pay over a 20+ year period. I began dining at Angelina’s and trattoria mitchelli in 1987, and they both offered consistency of quality that is rare over that long a time. If the new menu does not include the puttanesca AND the creamy herb dressing (one of the best in all seattle), i will be hard-pressed to return. Best of luck to the owners for a speedy transition, — ritorna a me, mi amore . . .

  • Leroniusmonkfish September 2, 2009 (6:39 am)

    Mmm – You may have confused this thread with “The return of the stench” one?

  • I had heard September 2, 2009 (7:36 am)

    The menu better not change TOO much otherwise it’s fraud, not legally but morally. They’re KEEPING the name of the restaurant, which, well, kinda implies the same restaurant. If they just wanted to buy the “space” and change open their own unique restaurant fine…it’s what happened on Alki with The Pointe -> Lighthouse -> ? -> Coyote -> Pegasus. All different names with different menus…different restaurants in the same space. Or right down the street, the space that is Porterhouse now has been how many DIFFERENT restaurants in the last ten years?

    If these folks keeps the same name, in the same space and then just switch out the entire menu, what’s the point? Why keep the name so you can keep the customers, but then be an entirely different restaurant? That’s like buying McDonalds and deciding to start serving nothing but pan seared foie gras, thinking you’ll keep the same customers.

  • KSJ September 2, 2009 (9:34 am)

    Please keep the breakfasts including the fresh made warm scones. The Angelina’s breakfast was the best kept secret in West Seattle.

  • WSB September 2, 2009 (10:11 am)

    IHH – Re: the Alki space – it was Chez Million (or maybe Millions), a relatively short-lived French restaurant, in the meantime. Personally, we still miss The Point! – TR

  • JimmyG September 2, 2009 (10:48 am)

    Please new owners, keep the staff. They were so good to us over the years, making us feel welcomed every visit.

    And don’t mess with the puttanesca, it’s fab beyond compare.

    Oh, and if they would add the garlic cheese torte appetizer as a regular menu item (normally only available during garlic festival) I’d eat there every week.

  • I had heard September 2, 2009 (11:24 am)

    WSB – Wow, forgot about ‘Chez Million’. That didn’t last long did it. But again, makes the point. They opened in the same ‘spot’, but different name and different menu. If these folks re-open the doors as “Angelina’s Trattoria” but then drop half the menu (like the wonderful minestrone soup and chicken parmesan) I’ll be really annoyed. If you want to serve fusion Italian American ‘foody’ oriented items, don’t call yourself “Angelina’s Trattoria”.

  • Dottie September 2, 2009 (11:35 am)

    have to agree that quality has slipped considerably from what it was in the early years, as evident in the fact that you never had to wait for a table anymore. their breakfasts were still good but the waitstaff was sloppy and surly in their job. still, Angelina’s was one of the last (fairly) decent establishments in West Seattle that those of us not considered “hip” or with the “in” crowd (am I dating mayself?)still felt comfortable going to. Alas, those places are getting harder to find here, or anywhere in Seattle.

  • stargazer September 2, 2009 (1:14 pm)

    Glad to hear Robin got to stay. Great gal!
    Love the Chicken Parm and breakfast! Hope Dana the best!

  • rw September 2, 2009 (6:19 pm)

    Best of luck to the new owners.

    My only concern is with this comment: “…while the menu will remain Italian-focused, there’ll be some “not Italian” offerings too.”

    There are enough generic Continental/American menu options in other restaurants. Please, keep the best of the old recipes, see what other local Italian places (Revo, Rustica) are doing, and add some new interesting Italian options to our scene. New and different doesn’t have to be exotic or esoteric, Italian cuisine has many, many options that still qualify as near-home cooking.

    Please do not stray away from Italian.

  • WSB September 2, 2009 (6:29 pm)

    Be sure to read how it was phrased in our previous story – follow the link in this story to our report from two weeks ago … TR

  • jek September 4, 2009 (8:28 pm)

    Hello from the east coast. Every time that I visit West Seattle I stop at Angelina’s and have their roasted garlic with goats cheese. Its great. I hope the new owners keep it.

  • Kelli September 18, 2009 (10:18 am)

    Please keep the dutch babies on your breakfast menu……….I Love them!

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