9/11 at Alki Statue of Liberty – eight years apart

Shared by Alki photographer David Hutchinson, who explains:

My wife and I took a walk down by the Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza this evening. I took the photo on the left on September 13, 2001 and the one on the right this evening almost 8 years later. The differences in the photos make for some interesting contrasts on a number of different levels.

If you weren’t here in 2001 – the Alki statue became a touchstone for mourners, a place for memorials, after 9/11. And on this date two years ago, the recast statue was dedicated/celebrated on its old pedestal, which was replaced by the new one less than a year later. Now, those who helped make that happen are looking ahead to one more big event a week from tomorrow.

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  • miws September 12, 2009 (3:25 pm)

    I visited our Lady Liberty, around four days after the attack.


    Like everyone, I was still numb and in shock over what had taken place. Seeing all of the memorials and other messages down there was a very moving experience…..



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