New owners, and short closure ahead, for Angelina’s in Admiral

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After being on the market more than a year (here’s what we reported last August) – Angelina’s Trattoria in Admiral has finally found buyers. They’ve applied for a new liquor license, and the names on that application led us to Allison Rich, who confirms that she and her husband – who live in West Seattle – are taking over next month. As part of their plan, she says, they will close Angelina’s at the start of September to put in a bar and new bathrooms; they’re hoping that will only take about a month. They’ll keep the name Angelina’s, Allison told us, and the menu will remain focused on Italian food, though she says they also “will be doing what we will call ‘the NOT so Italian menu’ where we will have specials from all over!” After the renovations, she says, Angelina’s will have the bar on one side and be “family-friendly” on the other. (Admiral is suddenly jumping – in addition to this and last week’s Porterhouse opening, the Shipwreck — a tavern planned for the old TNT space — has applied for its liquor license, and Brickyard BBQ is expected to open soon.)

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  • lovedangelina's August 16, 2009 (9:47 am)

    Change happens. Sad it won’t be the same but I am sure the right thing is working out for all parties concerned. I think a focus on one type of food is best. Don’t try to do too much at once its just confusing to the customer and sends the wrong message. People liked Angelina’s for its good value, i.e., bread and salad included w/meals. As well as its low-key italian comfort food. Wine was enough for me as it stuck w/the Italian theme. A bar changes the dynamic completely. And I loved that after going there w/my husband for 8 years we could easily bring our daughter there too. Just 2 cents, good luck w/your improvements.

  • diane August 16, 2009 (9:53 am)

    thanks to the tip in westseattleblog forums couple days ago by irish: “Angelina’s itialian restaurant: hey i saw a public notice for a liquor license in the window of angelina’s on california ave. when i asked about it someone told me that it sold. does anyone know about this? what’s going in who bought it?”
    what does “old TNT space” mean? is that actual name or an acronym?

  • WSB August 16, 2009 (9:56 am)

    TNT’s Place was its official name. This partly dated directory has a photo of its onetime sign on this page:

  • GenHillOne August 16, 2009 (10:04 am)

    Diane, TNT is/was next door to the long vacant Benbow.

  • WSB August 16, 2009 (10:10 am)

    Which according to two reports we now have (and we are working on independent confirmation/details, if they don’t emerge in this thread sooner) including a different Forum post
    is going to become a “breakfast place.”

  • KateMcA August 16, 2009 (10:41 am)

    Oh man, if they get rid of those awesome Dutch pancake things I will have no reason to even try the new place– hint, hint!

  • Grazer August 16, 2009 (11:37 am)

    Anglina’s was disgusting. We can only hope that they replace the kitchen staff that allowed food to be so misused. The food there was inedible.
    Good luck to the new owners! It can only be an improvement.

  • Keith August 16, 2009 (11:38 am)

    I hope they re-create that awesome back-bar area of the old Benbow in the new Shipwreck!

  • jiggers August 16, 2009 (12:18 pm)

    Hahaha.. New bathroom. West Seattle bars and restaurants have the worst bahrooms I have ever seen. Do I need to name them? I’d rather do my duty up against a tree than sit on one of those things. I’ll hold it as long as I have to before I use any public bathroom period. But sometimes when nature comes calling, it doesn’t matter where you are.

  • Michael Pradip August 16, 2009 (12:43 pm)

    I don’t know what you ordered Grazer, but we have been going to Angelina’s once a month for years and love their food. I will miss it, but I know Dana wanted to spend more time with her child, so good for her.

  • Jose August 16, 2009 (1:12 pm)

    We have a GREAT BBQ place in West Seattle – OK Corral, on Fauntleroy and Avalon. Otis is THE MAN, not that pretender in Bellevue.

  • M S August 16, 2009 (1:27 pm)

    I have lived two blocks away from Angelina’s for four years and never visited the restaurant (Pailin Thai is our family’s fave). Maybe we should try the new and improved Angelina’s…

  • JimmyG August 16, 2009 (3:06 pm)

    Too bad the new owners don’t see fit to offer jobs to the current staff of Angelina’s.
    They’ve been told they can “reapply” but my guess is they won’t hire a one of them.
    We’ve loved Angelina’s for years, it was a good value family friendly place without any pretensions.

  • WSM August 16, 2009 (5:11 pm)

    OK Corral is the WORST BBQ in the world. If you have ever had BBQ in Memphis TN, you would know what I am talking about.

  • homesweethome August 16, 2009 (7:03 pm)

    We’ve loved Angelina’s – and the staff? Sure, sometimes things are slow…but on a snowy night during our last snowstorm the staff stayed on to serve the neighborhood when they probably should’ve headed home – that in my mind trumps any complaints.

  • hkb August 16, 2009 (9:45 pm)

    I can not wait to try the new Angelina’s!

  • KNM August 17, 2009 (1:14 pm)

    Hooray for the new owners of Angelina’s! We’ve eaten there plenty of times and were never disappointed but each time always yearned for something “more”! I’m excited for a fresh start to the place and cannot wait to see what the new owners have in store! I doubt the Italian focus will be lost and think it’s great that they want to be a little creative and “shake things up” a bit! Can’t wait!

  • cliff August 17, 2009 (8:56 pm)

    I hope the new Angelinas knows the difference between spaghetti and linguini. I have been ging to Revo’s since they seem to be the only ones who know spaghetti is round. They have the best pasta in W. Seattle. Please, Angelinas, do not advertise spaghetti and then serve that flat stuff. W. Seattle needs another good plate of spaghetti. Now if I could only find where to get good Chop Suey instead of having to go to Kent. I am not a gourmet eater as you can see.

  • Auburn August 18, 2009 (3:15 pm)

    I will take away fond memories of the food and staff from the former Angelina’s, but also want to wish the best of luck to Allison and Skip, two community-focused, industry veterans who I have no doubt will give West Seattle a new destination to frequent. Change may not always be easy, but let’s give them some time and see what they can bring to the table!

  • Angelina's Staff August 19, 2009 (9:10 am)

    Hello…this is Susana Mendoza, a server of Angelina’s Trattoria. Our staff wrote a letter to say good bye to all of our customers and I would like to post it for you all to see.


    Dear Valued Angelina’s Customers,

    It is with great sadness and regret that we inform you that our time as a West Seattle restaurant will end on August 31, 2009. As of September 1st, 2009 the restaurant will be under new ownership.
    We know that this may come as a shock to many of you, but due to many variable factors it was a decision that had to be made. Still, we wanted to take a brief moment to thank you all, from the very bottom of our hearts, for your ongoing patronage of the last 22 years. You have shared many memories with us, from births, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and engagements. We have seen many of your children grow up, and even some of your children have children! You have let us into your lives, and for that we are sincerely grateful.
    If it weren’t for the great clients you all have been, we would not be the tight knit family restaurant that we are. Our relationship with our clients has always been reciprocal.
    As for the establishment, like mentioned before, it will be open under new ownership under the same name. It is scheduled to open within the next few months. Unfortunately, it is likely that many of the familiar faces you are used to will not be around.
    One last favor to ask of you all….We encourage you to come and say your last good byes to the front of the house staff and kitchen crew for the next couple of weeks. Have a last glass of Mitchelli Red, a Chicken Piccata with a creamy herb salad! We have many bills left pending and we want to make enough money to cover our last employee payroll.
    Once Again, we want to thank you for the time and memories that you have shared with us. We leave you sadly, because we have grown to love all of you, but gladly thank you for being such an important part in a very special chapter of our lives.


    Angelina’s Staff

  • Serena August 19, 2009 (1:45 pm)

    I LOVE the chicken parm and the mozzarella inverno…. my favorite meal when I can afford it….. I will miss Dana as she has always been so nice and wish the best of luck to her and the staff at Angelina’s!!!! I will definetly be by for my last meal – and maybe the recipe to the parm :-)

  • allison August 21, 2009 (12:41 pm)

    To all of the current staff and valued Guests,
    Hello my name is Skip and my wife Allison and I bought Angelina’s. Let me take this oppertunity to introduce ourselves. Allison has lived and worked in west seattle her entire life, graduating from West Seattle HS. Over the past several years she has worked at Duke’s Chowder House, Pegagasus Pizza, West Side Gymnastics, and All Star Fitness just to name a few.
    I grew up in Magnolia, graduated from O’dea HS and transplanted here about 10 years ago. My West Seattle resume boasts Duke’s Chowerhouse (which is where we met), the Rock Sport, and the Matadore.
    I would like to put everybodies mind at ease, and respond to a few comments.
    –YES we are closing, but only for 4 or 5 weeks for a small remodel, the bathrooms need to be updated desperatly and we would like to put in a bar. As well as a few minor changes for seating, and decor.
    –We are planning on interviewing the current staff 1st. to see if they want to work with us on continueing the Angelina’s legacy. We are looking for people who want to have fun and are excited to come to work every day.
    –When we bought Angelina’s we bought all the recepies as well. so we will change some things but our plan is to improve on what is already there.
    –We bought this estgablishment because we like the family atmophere as well. We have 2 small children and have always wanted a place where they can come and see us while we work and be part the team.
    –All we ask is that you give us a chance.

    Skip & Allison Rich

  • Jose August 22, 2009 (2:48 am)

    WSM: OK Corral, the *worst* in the WORLD? Really?
    And to make your less-than-solid point, you cite the BBQ in Memphis, TN as a comparison?!
    What, are you driving? ‘Cause if so, I’m buying.
    Until then, please don’t trash one of our fine businesses, and Otis in particular.
    OK Corral’s BBQ is OUTSTANDING, and that’s compared to ANYONE’s BBQ – anywhere.

  • David September 1, 2009 (7:48 pm)

    I wish the new owners the best. I have no idea why anyone opens a restaurant…it’s truly out of love of food I think, because it’s a scary business. I SO SO SO hope they keep some of the classic basic dishes (like the chicken parm), otherwise why bother keeping the old name and ‘pretending’ to be the same restaurant. If you’re going to change it up too much, just pick a new name. So I’ll GLADLY give the new place a shot, my only suggestion is please don’t try to be too fussy or ‘foody’ about it. This was a great standard Italian restaurant, wonderful comfort food. It’s what the name was known for, so please keep that in mind.

  • jlhall September 1, 2009 (10:21 pm)

    I don’t know why I didn’t read this `till now, but it’s reassuring to read your posts, Skip and Allison. Thanks for doing your best to preserve a West Seattle institution. My family and I will certainly come back for dinner!

  • Dennis September 3, 2009 (8:06 am)

    Will the bar be a wine bar perhaps? Or with a primary focus on wine and spirits! Admiral has enough beer bars.

  • Karen September 3, 2009 (12:48 pm)

    We live in the neighborhood and have always enjoyed Angelina’s as a place we could walk to and get a consistently good meal. We are excited for you Allison & Skip and wish you the best in your new endeavor. I too, hope you stay away from beer/pub direction.

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