West Seattle Crime Watch: Suspected case of casing

Jennifer e-mailed to report what she saw and to ask if anyone else noticed:

Just wanted to report that I think there was a van casing houses on 34th between 102nd and 104th. [map] He was driving really slow looking in people’s windows and checking out cars. It was a white astrovan. The driver was a white male probably in his 20’s with dark brown hair. I reported this to the Seattle Police. At first I thought it was a guy looking for an address, but all the neighbors got together aftwards and agreed that it was weird. There have been a bunch of attempted breakins and car break ins on this street. Given that the end of the month is coming and people are running low on funds we’re expecting another round of thefts. I thought I would write in to see if anyone else has seen a van like this in their neighborhood.

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  • CD July 20, 2009 (5:51 am)

    I didn’t see what car he was driving, but there was a younger white male going door to door over the weekend. he was blonde if I recall correctly. I’m not sure what exactly what he was selling, but he said he was deaf and wanted money. Strange men at my door make me nervous and my dogs were not happy, so I shut the door pretty quickly

  • TD July 20, 2009 (9:56 am)

    I saw a white van on our street on Friday. He slowed down in front of my house and even pulled up in front of our driveway. By the time I was able to get to the front door – he was gone. I told my neighbor to be aware too.

    We’re over on 41st near the high school.

  • Jon July 20, 2009 (10:17 am)

    About a week ago, we also had someone who represented himself as deaf come to our door on a Sunday on Gatewood Hill asking for a donation. He offered a small yellow sheet with sign language illustrations on it in return. He was about 30, Anglo, dark hair with a buzz cut and wearing a badge with his picture. When I said no thank you, he quickly walked away. Yet another solicitor who ignored the two “NO SOLICITORS” signs at the bottom of our stairs and walked all the way up to the house anyway. Reading our signs would save them the trouble every time.

  • samson July 20, 2009 (12:35 pm)

    Attention – when i read this about “deaf” i was surprised as i am deaf too. i am surprised that someone who is deaf to go up to door and could ask for money at the same time to sell the alphabet letters. be advised: did he sign to you or write down on paper for you for you to read? and does he/she talk funny or talk in strange voice? i am profoundly deaf and i could speak well. i am feeling embarassed for read this article about “deaf”. some hearing people could take advantage to act deaf but i could fool them by signing back to them and they dont know what i am saying. keep in your mind – holler behind their back to see if he/she could respond back to you to prove yourself if he is deaf or hearing at the same time, if he/she responds then you could say never mind and close door.

    i am so curious – is he short and heavy? alittle curly dark hair on top with crewcut on side? that reminds me that he could hang out at westwood village…

  • sarelly July 20, 2009 (4:33 pm)

    If I am not expecting a guest, I don’t open my door. I don’t think it’s a good idea to open your door to someone you don’t know.

  • Art Hanson July 20, 2009 (6:45 pm)

    I found this post via a search for neighborhood watch. We’ve (Jefferson County, WV) recently broadened the scope of our online Neighborhood Watch tools and launched Nation of Neighbors. We offer free tools for alerts, reporting and community collaboration (including an API so you can integrate reports with existing community websites).

    Sorry if that comes across as spam-like. We’re not selling anything – just trying to spread the word. Thanks!

  • CD July 20, 2009 (6:55 pm)

    He didn’t sign or write anything down. He was talking as if he were hearing impaired, but he could very well be faking it. He only said a few words so I couldn’t tell. Younger guy. He looked to be in good shape. Shorter haircut.
    No badge or ID, but I didn’t talk to him for more than a minute to ask. He had some orange pamphlets. When I said “not interested” he took it back from me, so I don’t even know what group he was trying to get $ for. He just said he was deaf. Odd, huh.

    Komo news just ran a story about the fake magazine sellers.

    So … to answer the door or not? Which is best. Isn’t it better to answer the door if they are “casing?”
    Sounds like the “no solicitors” sign doesn’t work. I wonder if “beware of dog” would work!

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