Raise puppies to help people: West Seattle event on Tuesday

When you meet a blind person with a Guide Dog – there’s someone in the picture who you don’t see, even if you are fully sighted: The volunteer who trained that dog from puppyhood for its life of service and companionship. In West Seattle tomorrow afternoon, at Merrill Gardens-Admiral Heights (WSB sponsor), you have the chance to meet some of those volunteers, and their puppies in training. Ruth Oldham sent the invitation to share with you, plus the photo at left, and full details – read on:

Every seven minutes, someone in America becomes blind or visually impaired.

Come and greet puppies in training from your local puppy raising clubs. Hear a Guide Dog User’s story about his special “Soulmate.” Learn how you can become Involved with the Guide Dogs For the Blind community of volunteers.

Guide Dog volunteers are often heard saying that “it takes a community to raise a guide dog” and that is so true here in West Seattle, as well as our other local neighborhoods!

Students who graduate from our program often describe their Guide Dogs as best friends, mind readers, even soul mates. It’s a connection that goes deep, because it requires not just companionship but absolute trust and interdependence. Our goal is to provide every blind person with the opportunity to experience the power of this partnership. Our services are offered free of charge. Come to our event and learn about our amazing dogs and the amazing people associated with our organization. You’ll learn how you might qualify for your own guide dog, how a guide dog team works and proper etiquette around a guide dog, what’s involved in becoming a puppy raiser, and the wide variety of opportunities to help with an event or support our fundraising efforts.

Merrill Gardens-Admiral Heights
2326 California Ave SW (map)
Tuesday, June 23, 2 – 3:15 pm

Got questions – or want to get involved, but can’t make it at 2 pm tomorrow? Call 206-953-0268 or use the links here:

2 Replies to "Raise puppies to help people: West Seattle event on Tuesday"

  • Ron Peck June 22, 2009 (11:56 am)

    As the Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation a non-profit that introduces blind and visually impaired individuals to the sport of Judo, I can attest to the love and endearment to a blind or visually impaired relationship to their guide dog. It will absolutely warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes how the child and the guide dog bind to each other. One would almost say the dog is a surreal soul mate. Get to know the organizations that provide these dogs and all the love and training they provide for the benefit of others.

  • thejunctionhobo June 22, 2009 (3:22 pm)

    how come we can’t raise our kids as good as these awesome dogs?

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