From the courthouse: Skyelar Hailey sentenced in trespass case

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)
We’re at the King County Courthouse, where 18-year-old West Seattle repeat offender Skyelar Hailey has been sentenced in the plea agreement he reached following his arrest in an Admiral neighborhood last November (the search that day started with a burglary, but an evidence problem resulted in the plea bargain). We had long planned to cover this anyway but the case ratcheted up a notch after what happened earlier this week – he had three warrants out for his arrest, related to theft and domestic-violence-protection-order cases, and was caught by police Wednesday night, one night after he allegedly bolted when they tried to pull him over. In court this afternoon, deputy prosecuting attorney Gary Ernsdorff said Hailey admitted to possessing the bag of marijuana found with him during his arrest that night. As for the sentencing – the prosecution asked for 30 extra days of jail time; the defense pointed out he hasn’t formally been charged with anything related to what happened this week, and also said he’s living with his girlfriend and her parents in West Seattle, pursuing a GED and looking for a job. In the end, King County Superior Court Judge Jim Rogers sentenced Hailey to time already served (he spent 16 days in jail after the November arrest, one day in the domestic-violence case in February, and has been in for two days so far since Wednesday’s arrest), plus an extra 240 hours of community service, and two years’ probation. As for how much longer he stays in jail now, depends on what happens with the warrants for which he was arrested; we are checking with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for the status on those. (4:40 pm update: PAO spokesperson Dan Donohoe says Hailey would go to each court with jurisdiction in the warrant cases – Juvenile and Municipal – to “resolve” them; no charges filed as of yet in anything related to the Wednesday night arrest.) WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli joined me in covering today’s hearing, and took the photographs included in this story. — Tracy Record, WSB editor

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  • Notsurprised April 24, 2009 (3:09 pm)

    What does it take to get any extra jail time? Probation doesn’t mean squat to someone like this. Look at his criminal history – think he’ll re-offend?

    I am all for forgiveness and giving people second chances, but he has not been given much of reason to stop doing what he has been doing.

    Hopefully, he gets a decent amount of time if/when he is convicted and sentenced for the 3 warrants. Also, maybe the community service in a constructive environment will help.


  • TeresaP April 24, 2009 (3:16 pm)


    Judges in this town need to grow a pair!

  • ugh April 24, 2009 (3:55 pm)

    you have to remember, the jails are over crowded, therefore jail time has been greatly reduced in many cases.

  • JanS April 24, 2009 (4:30 pm)

    Can the community have a say in what his “community service” might be? And how about some restraining orders preventing him from hanging out at his local hangouts near WSHS? just a thought.

  • S5 April 24, 2009 (4:40 pm)

    WSB – any details on the arrest Wed. night? Your post mentioned he was picked up in the Admiral area – do you know the location?

  • WSB April 24, 2009 (4:43 pm)

    Was not detailed here except that he was driving. The source who gave us first word of the arrest shortly after it happened said they believed it was 42nd/Admiral – TR

  • christopherboffoli April 24, 2009 (4:55 pm)

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe Judge Rogers said he was imposing the community service sentence at the request of Mr. Hailey’s victims.

  • marty April 24, 2009 (5:01 pm)

    His girlfriend’s parents are letting him live with them? They must be total idiots!

    He’s looking for a job, any liberals out there willing to give him one? I didn’t think so….

  • Huindekmi April 24, 2009 (5:27 pm)

    Any conservatives out there willing to increase their taxes to pay for more jails? I didn’t think so…

  • marty April 24, 2009 (5:36 pm)

    Typical liberal, we can’t get anything without raising taxes!! Always the same answer…

  • Huindekmi April 24, 2009 (6:12 pm)

    And how would you propose we pay for additional jail space, given the current budget deficit? Oh, I know. TAX CUTS!!! Typical conservative answer…

  • Mr.JT April 24, 2009 (6:17 pm)

    Let let him live in the planters at the top of the Admiral hill…

  • WSB April 24, 2009 (6:31 pm)

    STOP. You are welcome to discuss politics rationally here but no insults. That may be how some other news websites run their comments sections but not this one – TR

  • JanS April 24, 2009 (6:52 pm)

    Thank you, TR…

  • PartoftheProblem April 24, 2009 (6:57 pm)

    The coverage of this ‘story’ has been over the top – therefore WSB – you should expect over the top reactions. It’s not the OJ trial!

  • Carole April 24, 2009 (8:43 pm)

    Notsurprised and Teresa P: all that was before this judge today was sentencing on this crime. If the prosecutor wants to ask for a penalty based on violating the dv no contact order, that hearing will be before the judge who signed the no contact order. The judge was correct that because Skyelar hasn’t yet been charged on this new eluding etc. business it wasn’t something he could rule on. I would think based on the wsb reports from a few nights ago that he is looking at hit/run (didn’t he hit a parked car?), eluding, and who knows what else. And he probably has a probation hold or investigation hold, so will maybe stay in jail at least until he is charged and arraigned, or maybe until a violation hearing is held on the dv. A judge can give him jail time for that. The state was asking for 24 months of probation, but know that the legislature has had bills up this session to cut probation for certain crimes (to cut costs of course). The prosecutor either filed this as a misdemeanor or pled it down to that, so the judge had limitations on how much time to impose. And yes, it costs more than $100/day to keep an inmate in the KC jail. A good portion of that used to come from car tabs, but it went away with the Eyman initiative. Most of his prior history was juvenile, even detention time was at juvenile, but now he’ll be dealing with the big boys in the big boy jail.

  • CB April 24, 2009 (8:43 pm)

    I find it funny that posters on this board express outrage against the court system, while making every effort to defeat a new jail on the edge of West Seattle.

  • BusinessOwner April 24, 2009 (9:53 pm)

    CB – Facts don’t mean anything to people that are compelled by emotion and stupidity. HE IS GOING TO JAIL NOT PRISON. SO NO BIG BOYS TO DEAL WITH. Just petty thieves and drug users. You babies want the government to do everything for you. You are the same people that would prosecute me for shooting him when he breaks into my house! No charges have been filed in the burglary? Maybe the evidence isn’t there! Maybe you people are freaking out for no reason, because he ran, undermining your confidence in SPD. LOL! I’d hire the kid and teach him a trade, seems like he has lot of energy. You want to jail him . . . TEACH HIM SOMETHING! THE KID IS 18! You hippie’s in the Neo-West Seattle should be all about that!

  • BusinessOwner April 24, 2009 (10:07 pm)

    Oh, just to clarify . . . I don’t like the KID. I just think the entire system is terrible and if we want to change things then we need to be proactive. I don’t really like the though of taking on the liability of training people that are otherwise disenfranchised, but if I don’t try, who will! If our tools or vehicles get stolen or wrecked due to my altruistic hopes that I can change someone . . . then so be it. My insurance goes up and my profits go down! But if I succeed (as I have done many times before) in giving someone the ability to direct their own life and make a honest living anywhere in the country, I’ve done more than EVERY of you whining, crying voices shouting to be heard, but not willing to risk/leverage your position in life to make difference.

  • Benjamin April 25, 2009 (1:08 am)

    You know he’s lucky I didn’t catch him in my home..
    Thinking about it though, and I don’t know him personally, but I do have a certain amount of sympathy for the guy..
    And I do agree with you in a way, business owner, although I am totally a Neo West Coast Hippie so back off dude.
    but.. This guy is still a kid and he probably just needs a situation that he has to deal with a total hardass but who actually has a teaching to offer. Like a trade or just some way of getting by and feeling fulfilled without being on the wrong side of the law. A real no nonsense no baby crap approach. There’s a lot of kids in similar situation today who need someone who cares enough to give them a chance but provide real structure.
    Seriously though the system in place does not work. I don’t trust it. only trust people.

  • NotaBusinessOwner April 25, 2009 (3:31 am)

    Dear Mr. Business Owner,

    I commend you on your ability to “change the world one human at a time”. So let me introduce to you this particular individual: Mr. Skylar Hailey.

    Mr. Hailey would come to you for that second (actually 50th) chance…. and….. ask you to hire him. He would tell you that……. he was willing to make that change for the better.
    He would then proceed to rob you blind all day long for the quick cash that enables him to reside in our little “hood.”
    Being the smart business owner that you are…….you would catch him robbing you……turn him over to police…..and go about life trying to help others willing to learn.

    Kudos to you sir.

    The next morning…….when you arrive at work…….There is Mr. Hailey…..waiting at your shop to do business w/ you. No matter what you do to the kid……he’ll be back the next day………to take more from you. And if he likes your employees….he’ll really keep coming around. Not to work for you…..but to work against you.

    Welcome to our world sir…….our neiborhood has been terrorized by this “thug” long enough. And he’s been trying real hard the last couple of years to make WSHS his place of business. Obviously the money’s right………and the girls aren’t to bad look’in either.

    I’m all for leading the horse to water……..but he’s got to like the water…….some just love the hard stuff.

    Be Well
    Mr. T

  • SkyelarsGIRL April 26, 2009 (10:02 am)

    Well, looking at your comments….I’d say you guys are hating way too much. Skyelar is not violent, hes the one of the nicest people I’ve ever associated with and I love him. Tip: Skyelar was not driving when we were pulled over and he was arrested. A friend of mine was driving and I was in the backseat. You should have seen the way they threw him onto the ground as if he was resisting. As for him living with me…hes never stolen or talked me into selling anything that I own or my family’s. I am seriously frustrated with the person that is calling me and my parents idiots. Skyelar appreciates the roof over his head and the things my family and I do for him. All of you act as if you take him away and lock him up its going to take the crime right out of Seattle. I know worse people and people who do really bad things. You don’t understand how it is for him and what he’s been through. You don’t know him. AND FOR THE MAN THAT TOOK THE PICTURES AT HIS APRIL 24TH SENTENCING, F**K YOU.

  • WSB April 26, 2009 (11:19 am)

    Would usually delete a comment with something like that last line but letting it go through as there is clearly a point you wish to make with the preceding sentences. The photojournalist was on assignment for WSB so your sentiment might be better directed toward our site in general, if you are objecting in general to the taking and publishing of photos at all. He was doing a job as was I and as thousands of journalists around the world do every day — covering the news. Photojournalists are allowed in courtrooms at the judge’s discretion and we cleared it with the bailiff first; photojournalists take photos and video of defendants/suspects at sentencings, trials, and other hearings in that courthouse every day of the week, for multiple news organizations big and small — TR

  • Yo! Mangina April 26, 2009 (12:36 pm)

    I guess we should all let Skyelar come sneak into our basements to rest and hide so he appreciates our roofs overhead (the roofs we pay for), then maybe he’d stop breaking onto our homes and cars, eh? Maybe he’s bring us some cash or a free TV?
    Such a nice boy, the one that got you evicted from your place up on Admiral where he and his friendly buddies were dealing drugs in the alley and burglarizing the neighborhood. Having you lie to the landlord as he claimed your address with the courts as his residence. Perhaps your could take him down toward Tacoma to live with your other family members.
    Keep loving him, dear. I’m sure he’ll take great care of you and make you proud.
    He’s a known menace to West Seattle, and we thank WSB and its team for their reporting. Skyelar is free at any time to quit committing crimes. BTW, who holds the DV restraining order against him? Prior girlfriend or his own family?

  • Eaglewatch April 26, 2009 (8:12 pm)

    It is 8:00 pm. 15 minutes ago we had someone come to our door claiming to be a Comcast customer service representative. I happened to be on WSB looking at this story when the doorbell rang. The guy at the door looked remarkably like to guy pictured above. Is there any chance that he is out already and casing neighborhoods, or is this just a weird coincidence?

  • WSB April 26, 2009 (8:16 pm)

    He’s in jail, per the King County Jail Register, which is pretty close to real-time. I also will be checking with the various jurisdictions tomorrow regarding next steps on the warrants on which he’s being held – TR

  • Another Neighbor April 26, 2009 (10:18 pm)

    Aside from sentencing on the Trespass committed back in Nov. 2008 and violation of a domestic violence restraining order (bail set)it seems the warrants were for two thefts that took place as a juvenile. I’m sure WSB will gather more info, but the RCWs, different for each warrant:

    RCW 9A.56.030 Theft in the first degree (value over $1,500);


    RCW 9A.56.040 Theft in the second degree (vale of stolen property between $250-$1,500).

  • WSB April 26, 2009 (10:29 pm)

    Paperwork on juvenile complaints is not available online, so all we have is the one-liner from the court info/name search page. Details on the DV order complaint also are not extensively posted online. But as mentioned above, I’m checking with those different jurisdictions (Juvenile and Municipal) tomorrow.

  • Willie Murderface April 27, 2009 (8:35 pm)

    Allegedly bolted?

    His friends hit a parked car, then he hopped out and ran, all while cruisers were driving by them…

  • WSB April 27, 2009 (8:40 pm)

    Willie, the “allegedly” is because, as was reiterated in court, police are very certain it was him, he was not apprehended that night and they don’t have 100 percent proof. So, without a confession or a conviction, we can’t just flatly state he did it. Has to be attributed or qualified – TR

  • Willie Murderface April 27, 2009 (8:46 pm)

    do they need a witness? Because I saw it happen… well, heard the crash of them hitting the car, then saw everything that followed… they were heading south on cali, hit a parked car at the bus stop. he hopped out and headed north and probably west, and they made a u turn and went north on cali.

  • SkyelarsGIRL April 28, 2009 (2:44 pm)

    Sooo… clear some more things up. The house that I live in, I’ve lived in since I was 3 years old and my parents own it. So…Yo! Mangina…..before you want to talk sh*t get your facts straight before you assume things. That was his ex girlfriend along time ago. I have never been in trouble with the cops before in my life. I understand the man was working for WSB. my bad. The person who holds the restraining order against him is his grandmother and the day he got arrested for violating that was a mistake which is why they let him go when it happened. He wasnt trying to contact her or was not even on her property. Thanks. Email if you have questions.

  • Note April 28, 2009 (6:06 pm)

    girl…… you are already lost. Hope you like visiting hours.

  • Another Neighbor April 28, 2009 (7:02 pm)

    Must be young if the GF from A LONG TIME AGO was together with him in December ’08 :). Welcome to the club for ensuring that Future Felons of America get some some!

  • BusinessOwner April 28, 2009 (7:04 pm)

    SkyelarsGIRL – Becareful what you post about yourself and your significant other in this PUBLIC forum. You are playing a game with people not worth playing it with. I believe Skylar to be a pretty, insignificant criminal in the scheme of things, however he was caught and these people are just directing their vexations upon him. You and he have much time to enjoy your lives and build a solid foundation to prosper from. So, as my father told me once . . . Don’t EVER speak upon your business with ANYONE after the fact unless its God (and even then, just think it). Or was that my lawyer? Both are very loved.

  • Note April 28, 2009 (7:13 pm)

    I know, didn’t that crack you up? Ah, so six months is “along time ago”.
    Now we can all look forward to her getting preggers by this guy and having us taxpayers foot the bill. Yippee!

  • Note April 28, 2009 (8:05 pm)

    BO-please hire Skylar so he can stop robbing our homes and selling drugs to our children. Maybe you can employ his girl too so they can “prosper” the way honest people do, by working and living within the norms we have established as foundations for civilized society to function.

  • Yo! Mangina April 28, 2009 (8:18 pm)

    Grandma has a restraining order? I’m on Grandma’s side here. Hopefully Skyelar will get his community service time being trained for something worthwhile. More likely, he’ll skip community service as sentenced and just do more crime and jail time.

    If you think you’re tired of life now, SkyelarsGIRL, just wait. Choices are yours to make.

  • SisterofSkyelarsGirl April 30, 2009 (5:31 pm)

    My parents are not idiots, my sister is not “lost”, so please if anyone else needs to say things about my family, don’t. It is not okay to assume harsh things so before you talk make sure you got your facts rights. My sister is trying to clear things up because people are saying these things that are not true and she stands up for herself and for the people she loves. Please stop talking smack about my family, I find it completely childish.

  • another neighbor May 1, 2009 (10:23 am)

    So long as your neighbors around Fauntleroy know that Skyelar will be staying with you and yours upon his release, so be it. Tell them to be sure to lock their cars, set their alarms and have no valuables in or around their homes.

    I sure hope he learns a useful skill doing his 240 hours of community service; perhaps something that will lead to employment?

  • TJ May 1, 2009 (2:24 pm)

    I got skyelars back for whatever hes not a bad kid most of the kids of the people that write on here are out doing the same thing I promise you that We all did stupid stuff when we where kids but kids now a days stepped there game up West seattle is no joke anymore for younger people and 90% of kids are doing alot worse things than my boy skyelar he just got caught slippin I have turned alot of things in my life around now and have tried to use some words of encouragement to try and keep younger kats like skyelar doin the right thing but hell come around if any of you remember the group of 20 – 30 kids hangin around in the junction and in front of the arcade in the admiral up to not one bit of good that was me and my crew and just about every one of us are doing good and doing something with our lives sometimes it takes a while but he’ll make it one day.
    Keep your head up in there home boy you got mad love from your boy from the Gblock

  • TJ May 1, 2009 (2:27 pm)

    And when i talk about hangin in front of the arcade that was like 6-7 years ago no time recently just to clear things up a bit

  • SkyelarsGIRL May 1, 2009 (2:54 pm)


    okay well just watch me.
    ill show you how its done.
    and i dont need to be employed because i am and i work for the city of seattle.

  • SkyelarsGIRL May 1, 2009 (2:55 pm)

    and a big laugh to all of you cuz hes gettin out early!

  • Yo Mangina May 1, 2009 (8:56 pm)

    He’s all yours, sweetheart. We’re all hoping you make a fabulous man out of him. Perhaps he can go work for the city, too?

  • Irukandji May 8, 2009 (5:01 pm)

    So, how are things going now SkyelarsGIRL?

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