From the WSB Blogs page: This might make you laugh too

As you probably know, for more than two years WSB has had a page (see it here) which points you to the latest updates from nearly 100 blogs by West Seattle-based writers. Among the latest links: This post by Ian Lurie, from his always-snappy site Conversation Marketing — geared toward marketing writers, but it made us laugh; maybe just because we get so much spam, it hit home.

1 Reply to "From the WSB Blogs page: This might make you laugh too"

  • Ken January 30, 2009 (3:38 pm)

    Email marketers are slime.

    No I take that back. They one day aspires to be slime.

    Let me be clear. Spammers are evil. But anyone who uses the phrase email marketing as if it was a normal part of business, should realize they are not fooling anyone but themselves.

    I will not only not buy anything from a spammer or slime wannabe, I will not buy anything even if it was something I would normally buy.

    Email marketers (aspiring slime) shift the cost of advertising onto the recipient.

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