About that road work on Barton west of 35th …

This has come up in comments on other items (like this thread), and in the WSB Forums – what’s up with all the work on Barton, which is a busy thoroughfare for folks traveling to Fauntleroy Church and Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsors) and the businesses in the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, as well as heading east from the ferry dock and Endolyne businesses? One neighbor pointed out it was gas-line work. We called the Puget Sound Energy media department. Two business days, no callback. So next we tried SDOT, knowing they would at least have had to have issued a permit, and they responded within a few hours. Here’s the information we got back from SDOT communications boss Rick Sheridan:

This work is a major replacement by PSE of part of their infrastructure and is a permitted right-of-way activity. The work will replace more than 8000 feet of pipe and will run through a number of streets in West Seattle. PSE has an approved traffic control plan and we expect them to
be finished by December 6, 2008, though this work can sometime run long.

Our permit requires them to notify everyone who may be affected at least 72 hours before the work in the right-of-way begins. This is a standard period of time required for this type of effort.

We will contact PSE to remind them of this obligation and will also send a Street Use inspector to examine the site.

Given how well-used that stretch of road is, you’d expect notifying “everyone who may be affected” would have involved notices to local media, but it didn’t, so far as we can tell. SDOT itself is good about advance notice of road work in the case of most projects of this scale.

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  • katemca November 17, 2008 (8:52 pm)

    As far as I can tell, they must be defining “those who will be affected” as those who live here. We received notices over two weeks ago that there would be major work on the gas pipes. At least the jackhammering has tapered off over the last couple afternoons :) I thought I was going to go mad there for a while!

  • que November 17, 2008 (9:31 pm)

    Looks like they are gearing up for more of the same on Trenton east of 35th…

  • que November 17, 2008 (9:32 pm)

    Seriously not looking forward to jackhammering. Ugh.

  • md November 17, 2008 (9:37 pm)

    Thanks for the update – especially the end date! As one of “those who will be affected” too I did get a notice about the work but I guess I didn’t comprehend the extent and length of the project. I honestly thought it would be a few days not a month. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they finish on time. I’m getting a little weary of my windows rattling and my house shaking.

  • WSB November 17, 2008 (9:49 pm)

    Que, thanks for the reminder, someone e-mailed me about that and it’s on my check-list.

  • que November 17, 2008 (10:06 pm)

    Thanks WSB! Anything that you can find out will be greatly appreciated!

  • Lisa November 18, 2008 (7:53 am)

    Thanks WSB. I live in the neighborhood and drive this block every time I leave my street but did not make it on the “those who will be affected” list. I hope they plan to repave as the patch work kinda sucks.

  • Judy Pickens November 18, 2008 (8:15 am)

    The contractor (Pilchuck) bears watching by those adjacent to the work. Their leaving filters (“socks”) in storm drains three years ago, despite forecast for heavy rain (5″!) resulted in drains being blocked and streets and homes being flooded. If they were working near me, I’d follow the forecast and, when rain is expected, go out and talk with the crew chief to make sure he/she will see that drain socks are removed. Pilchuck has not exhibited responsible stewardship and neither PSE nor SDOT has held the company’s feet to the fire on runoff control. I’m sure some on the crew mean to do right but a reminder from residents would let them know we’re paying attention.

  • roguedelux November 18, 2008 (12:50 pm)

    I posted yesterday to the Rants/Raves about this. We were NEVER notified, no door sign, no mail – and our gas was shut off without notice. We had icy cold showers in the morning in all 4 townhouses – and then had to wait 24 hours (missing a day of work too) for the PSE guy to visit our home (only those who called in to report the problem. He wouldn’t go to the neighbors who also had their gas shut off until they filed a complaint) and relight/check our gas.
    And the noise of the jackhammer is painful!

  • WSB November 18, 2008 (1:48 pm)

    PSE called us after reading the note here that we hadn’t received a callback. I have sent e-mail detailing the questions. Will post a followup with whatever we hear back.

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