West Seattle school closures? Here’s the population projection


Not much change expected in the number of West Seattle students kindergarten through fifth-grade age over the next few years, according to that slide from a presentation the Seattle School Board is seeing at a work session this afternoon. The work session is about “capacity management”; the biggest problem the district is trying to solve right now is overcrowding in the north end, but then board members are expected to take a vote tonight to direct district management to start looking at closures in other areas, to save money (as reported here last week). District spokesperson Patti Spencer reiterated to WSB today that there is NO list of targeted schools at this point; district Building Excellence program manager Don Gillmore had said at a meeting about the future of the Denny Middle School site, however, that there is talk of building an elementary school at that site — after Denny moves to its future new building on the Chief Sealth campus — while closing three unspecified others (WSB report here). If you want to see the entire presentation about district capacity, as shown to board members today, click here.

4 Replies to "West Seattle school closures? Here's the population projection"

  • J October 29, 2008 (5:56 pm)

    The school district needs a graph consultant–they’ve committed one of the most common graph “sins”: that of not showing the columns from “0”. The truncated graph they’ve shown actually makes the population variation appear greater than it is.

    But I’d like to know: all those new apartments and condos that are going up. Are none of them for families with children?

  • Mark Ahlness October 29, 2008 (7:08 pm)

    J – agreed about the graphing issue – not to mention the scale changing considerably from one slide to another in the preso showing enrollment in different parts of the city.

  • Brandon October 30, 2008 (9:20 am)

    Try finding daycare in WS for new babies, seems like a 1 yr wait list (for the better programs).
    Unless they’re graduating faster than they’re being born, I can’t see it.

  • homesweethome October 30, 2008 (1:58 pm)

    Day cares, preschools, pediatricians all full to the brim, waiting lists abound. This graph makes it look like the child population is basically static. I too wonder if the school district has analyzed all the new condos, townhouses and apartments in the area – it can’t be all adults moving into the area.

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