New speed-fighting sign now in action at 35th/Willow


Thanks to Kim Dinsmoor for the tip that this radar-equipped speed-warning sign is now up and running on northbound 35th at Willow (map). As we reported earlier this week, a recent crackdown there netted dozens of violators; as you can see from our Friday afternoon photo, some are still whizzing by (we actually saw somebody at 55 while we were staked out by the sign for a while; it picks up your speed about a block south of the sign itself). The sign is among the safety improvements promised by the city in the handout that SDOT distributed before and during the rally at 35th/Juneau earlier this month; another one is promised for SB 35th by Camp Long before month’s end.

6 Replies to "New speed-fighting sign now in action at 35th/Willow"

  • JenV October 18, 2008 (11:07 am)

    I have to say, as somewhat of a “leadfoot lucy” that these signs do work for me to cut my speed. sometimes when you’re just clipping along with traffic you don’t realize how far over the speed limit you are. When I see one of these signs, I calculate how much my ticket would be for 15 mph over…

  • Diane October 18, 2008 (11:56 am)

    I giggle when passing these speed-warning signs; realizing I really am driving like a little old lady these days, usually couple miles under the speed limit
    glad to have these to possibly slow down the lead foots, which I used to be
    and for sure the high cost of a speeding ticket is great deterrent; my last ticket was coming out of the Battery Street tunnel going north on 99; ever since, I let cars tailgate and race around me coming out of that tunnel; no more tickets for this girl
    also got a $40 ticket for jaywalking, while in college scraping by on student loans; it was on campus (UC Irvine) 20 yrs ago; definitely changed my pedestrian behavior; I’m one of those obedient Seattleites always standing on the corner WAITING for the walk signal

  • Irukandji October 18, 2008 (3:58 pm)

    Are these signs only used on two lane roads or could they be used for multi-lane traffic? Would be nice to use them on Admiral Way between the bridge exit and California where drivers don’t seem to recognize that there are neighborhoods and drivers on either side – it’s not just a continuation of the highway.

  • mickeymouse October 19, 2008 (7:44 am)

    How about putting these on the high level bridge and spokane street viaduct. Drivers speeds are way over the limit on these roadways when I go to work at 6am. It is scary!

  • lina October 19, 2008 (10:02 am)

    I have noticed more of a police presence too on 35th. I think this is great. I too am guilty of picking up a little speed on this road and the signs and extra cop cars are really helping me change my habits and be more aware of checking my speedometer as I am going down hills-forcing me to slow down more. Thank you to WSB for giving this issue so much attention.

    I also see a lot of speeding up further south on 35th. I just south of 35th and Roxbury and have to park on the incredibly narrow road and feel scared to get out of my car when there are cars going by. I used to park a little ways up onto the planting strip because it felt too sketchy getting in and out of my car, especially when it is dark and cars cannot see me but I got a ticket for parking up there this summer. Which was a bummer because I see so many cars up on the planting strip out of necessity on 35th. I also have to wait by the back of my car before going to open my driver door then when I see a break in traffic, rush over to my car door carrying all my bags for work and jump in my car shut the door before the next one speeds by. This far south, the speed limit is 30 mph and I am positive many folks drive much faster.

  • P October 20, 2008 (11:51 am)

    Now can we get one on Fauntleroy Freeway???

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