Hotwire barista Blayne on “Project Runway,” week 3

No same-night spoilers on the home page, so click ahead if you want to know how Blayne did tonight, and/or what his Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) boss Lora Lewis said about it afterward …

Once again this week, Blayne finished in the middle of the pack – outside that group of “the top 3 and the bottom 3” who go through all that fidgeting, eye-shifting, and lip-quivering in the last quarter-hour of the show.

He did have a couple memorable moments, according to Lora:

Yes, that means another viewing party (Ginomai’s at 42nd/Genesee) next Wednesday; doors open at 8. Want to see what PR bloggers are saying about Blayne? Follow this link.

5 Replies to "Hotwire barista Blayne on "Project Runway," week 3"

  • ellenater July 31, 2008 (3:46 pm)

    They hardly ever show Blayne’s work process. They seem to only show a few people working. I know it’s hard because there are more people at the beginning but still…

    I thought his dress was pretty cool. I, too, love bright colors. Go Blayne!

  • M July 31, 2008 (4:01 pm)

    I watched at Shadowland. A very nice Pork Belly dish and a glass of wine made the show very entertaining. Although I was a little surprised at how little screen time Blayne got.

  • nottheenemy July 31, 2008 (5:40 pm)

    his clothes are mediocre at best

  • miles August 1, 2008 (8:15 am)

    I’m sure Blayne is a nice kid but the work is all so incredibly shallow backed up by embarrassing cliche after cliche spouted with fake “for the camera” enthusiasm. And it’s absolutely not just him performing this way, but half the cast.

    And, of course, I watch every week………..

  • M August 1, 2008 (6:27 pm)

    Well, it is TV after all….. entertainment.

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