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West Seattle scenes, Sunday night edition

Photos to share, and mention — first, a Father’s Day fireboat display off Beach Drive, photos at BDB. Next: a garden sighting:


As WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli observed in the note with that photo, it’s difficult to catch hummingbirds on camera – but he finally “caught” that one. Next – what’s missing in this picture?


Wendy Hughes-Jelen says tai chi is what’s missing – she can’t believe nobody’s doing it at High Point, and she has already gone to great lengths to find someone to launch outdoor sessions by the pond you see in that photo shared by Wendy. Read all about it at her blog, which includes how to reach her if you’d like to get involved with the tai chi quest. Last but not least – a photo Jerry from JetCityOrange actually sent a few days ago:


On Thursday morning, he e-mailed us the photo and this note:

Appeared overnight as one goes from Harbor Ave/Avalon onto either bridge around Nucor. Street art or vandalism? You decide.

Coyote reminder from Morgan Junction area

June 15, 2008 11:15 pm
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From Bob and Bruce:

Overnight, about 3:45 a.m., coyotes were heard yipping and yodeling in the Eddy St. ravine JUST west of California Ave. (Basically behind the soon to be Morgan Junction Park. Owners of outdoor pets need to be aware that this is still a “shared environment” and quite near Lincoln Park’s wild spaces.

That would likely be not far from where this coyote photo/video report originated.

Car-motorcycle crash: Trenton blocked at 31st

crashedcar.jpgLooks like a fairly serious crash at 30th/Trenton involving a car and motorcycle; a fire official at the scene tells us the woman riding the motorcycle has just been taken to the hospital, and the injuries were serious enough that authorities will have to do a major investigation, though the people in the car (which is shown at left; the motorcycle was down in a separate spot) appeared to be OK — so avoid that stretch of Trenton, which is closed off for at least a couple blocks east of 31st (here’s a map; all this is not far from Westwood Village, so if you are heading there from the west, use the Barton entrance instead). Too soon for investigators to say exactly how/why the crash happened. 9:02 PM UPDATE: We just went by to check – the area’s still blocked off and the investigation continues. 10:22 PM UPDATE: The scene is now cleared and the road’s open again.

Providence Mount St. Vincent: Cars today, jobs tomorrow


Beautiful day to show off classic cars – the sun gleamed off every beautifully maintained participant at the Providence Mount St. Vincent Father’s Day Car Show this afternoon – these two VERY classic cars in particular:


The owner of this one told us he really does drive it. 20 horsepower though, so it’s not much for the freeway:


“The Mount” has another big event tomorrow – a job fair, 1 pm-6 pm. Find out more here; the hilltop facility just south of The Junction says it’s West Seattle’s biggest employer.

Potential park levy: What’s proposed in it for West Seattle

With the City Council-appointed Parks and Green Spaces Levy Citizens Advisory Committee — which includes three West Seattle members (and had a recent hearing in Alki; WSB coverage here) — two days away from its final public hearing, more details are out about the projects that a levy would fund. According to the documents linked to the council’s home page, the committee is looking at two options for structuring the levy – but the difference between them isn’t what they would pay for, so much as what percentage of the money would go to the proposed projects. The committee wants to hear from you at the Tuesday night hearing — 5:30 pm at Seattle Center — and/or by e-mail, so here’s our West Seattle breakout of what’s on the list:Read More

In honor of Father’s Day — consider helping a child

June 15, 2008 8:01 am
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From Kay McMillan, who says kids are on the waiting list for the Summer Reading Program at High Point – you can help make that list shorter:

The Youth Tutoring Program is looking for tutors in West Seattle for our Summer Reading Program!

The Summer Reading Program is a seven-week literacy-intensive program for students in grades 1-6 who are below grade level in reading. Trainings for new tutors will be held the week of June 16th. Tutoring starts June 23rd and runs through July 31st.

YTP is a non-profit tutoring program that provides one-on-one academic support to students living in low-income housing. We operate five tutoring centers throughout the city. We are in great need of volunteer tutors at our High Point tutoring center located on 35th Ave. SW in West Seattle.

Tutors commit to one evening per week for two hours and work with one student at a time on reading and writing. Available sessions are Monday through Thursday from 5:30-7:30 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5 pm

Many of our students cannot get the literacy help they need at home and depend on our tutors for academic support!

Tutoring starts June 23rd so apply today at or call 206-328-5659.

What’s at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market, Father’s Day edition

June 15, 2008 6:03 am
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As mentioned earlier this week, Herban Feast is grilling wild-salmon burgers at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market today (10 am-2 pm, SE corner of 44th/Alaska) for Father’s Day — here’s what else you will find:Read More