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West Seattle Crime Watch: SUV rage; tree rage; flasher; more

handcuffs_2.jpgTree branches, a street sign, and an SUV door are among the items which didn’t make out well in some of the more unusual crime reports from the latest round we reviewed at the Southwest Precinct — they were publicly released for review within the past few days, but some are from older incidents. Here are the toplines on 16 incidents of note:Read More

New estimated time for the power to come back on

June 3, 2008 11:08 pm
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Just re-checked the City Light outages hotline. They are now saying 2 am is when they expect to have power back in the north West Seattle areas that lost power in tonight’s pole fire. (206/684-7400 is that hotline, by the way.)

Details on West Seattle RapidRide revelations: Route, name

Mentioned briefly this morning while the meeting was under way – now here are the full details from this morning’s West Seattle RapidRide briefing presented to the Seattle City Council:Read More

Pole fire causes power outage

The power’s out tonight for parts of Alki and some of the northern parts of West Seattle. A pole fire caused City Light to pull the plug for a couple of hours in order to make repairs. An update on City Light’s phone line said that work was underway as of 5:50 pm and the outage should last approximately two hours.

The Corner Inn is closed


We just spoke to Chris Deering, the sister of the last two operators of The Corner Inn at California/Fauntleroy in Morgan Junction, and she confirms that The Corner Inn is closed. The building has reverted back to the owner and is now being advertised for lease. Chris says that on behalf of her late brothers she’d like to thank the many people who came to The Corner Inn over the years. 10:50 PM ADDITION: Before tips came in today about the shutdown (thank you to everyone who e-mailed and texted), we had been checking on the “for lease” sign that had appeared on the west side of the building (see the photo above). Worth noting that there was a development proposal (described on the city project page as a three-story apartment building with ground-level retail) filed for this site back in 2006 — no activity since June of that year.

Lowest tides of the year, day 2: Scenes from Alki

You know, it’s a lovely day outside FOR FEBRUARY! and the worst part is that the cold temps coincide with the lowest tides of the year (tomorrow’s the lowest – as noted yesterday). Photographer Bob Bollen braved the elements and took some shots at Alki during low tide this morning.

So put on another scarf, stick the coffee in the microwave one more time, and enjoy.




Big changes at the Admiral, report #2: What’s ahead


As we reported yesterday, the “new” operator of the Admiral Theater – who’s also one of its “old” operators – spoke with WSB and provided information we’re writing up in two reports. The first one yesterday focused on the fate of the donations solicited by the historic theater’s former manager (read that story here); this morning, our second report has the details on what the new operator plans to do next – including a relatively quick timetable for a key decision on the Admiral’s future:Read More

Update: RapidRide briefing under way now

June 3, 2008 9:16 am
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If you want to see what local transportation leaders are telling the Seattle City Council Transportation Committee about West Seattle’s forthcoming RapidRide bus service — the briefing’s under way now (on the Seattle Channel, on cable and online). We’ll post a wrapup afterward, or bulletins if something dramatic is revealed. Looks like they’re starting with a lot of background that’s already been reported here in connection with previous public meetings and briefings. 9:28 AM ADDITION: Two noteworthy items so far – the West Seattle route will be called the “C Line” — also, the buses will have wi-fi service, likely free to the user. 10:01 AM ADDITION: Metro has put up a slide showing the route will go all the way to Westwood Village. This has not been officially announced previously. Metro also says the service is scheduled to start in September 2011 — previously they’d just said 2011.