Stage set for a showdown over another parks levy?

We reported March 20 about City Council President Richard Conlin telling the Delridge District Council that the council had commissioned a poll to find out if citizens support another Pro Parks Levy (most councilmembers do, the mayor doesn’t) since the original’s expiring. Poll results are out this afternoon and the council says it’s pro-levy, 2-to-1.

4 Replies to "Stage set for a showdown over another parks levy?"

  • Jiggers April 8, 2008 (4:14 pm)

    Where’s the money going to come from? you vote yes on everything and we’ll never get a new viaduct. I guess they’ll jack up our rents again ****.

  • westwood April 8, 2008 (9:11 pm)

    OK–now how about a poll that has real information on what kinds of projects would be funded. And make sure to include plenty of questions about other competing tax needs that will be coming before voters in the coming years.

    Everybody loves the idea of another parks levy, but I have yet to see even a suggested list from the council or anyone else. I vote for almost anything good for society, but please, give me some details.

  • Denny April 8, 2008 (10:52 pm)

    The ProParks levy has created a lot of good new open spaces, and locked up some land for future parks.
    But I am tired of Parks & Rec not funding some obvious improvements for healthy lifestyles and good maintenance. Example – installing turf soccer fields are a one-time cost that saves tons of watering and maintenance over the years. Seattle has no budget for this.
    I am also floored by the cost estimates that Parks uses for construction (which I know enough about to believe it could be less expensive), and the general overhead that they allocate to each project when the taxpayers are already paying for the Parks Department & staff.
    Lastly, if I were as slow to implement projects in my business as they are (how many years for a little park at the junction?) I’d be fired.
    And yet, I am likely a sucker who will vote for this levy, as I think we need more parks.

  • KT April 9, 2008 (9:05 am)

    No way I will vote for this again for the exact reason Denny identified in his post. They are too slow to implement the projects we gave them money for. How long has that property in the Junction sat surrounded by yellow caution tape blowing in the wind? How long has the building at Dakota & California sat surrounded by temporary fencing and weeds? Nope, I am not voting for this again.

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