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Perhaps a sacrifice to stop the snow? (hail, sleet, etc.)


West Seattle photographer Eric Bell sent that shot with the following musings, including one similar to our headline:

After seeing this, I know without a shadow of doubt that Christmas is over, but then again … was Mama caught kissing Santa Claus and a jealous party caught ’em in the act? Or is this a futile attempt by persons unknown to hold back the chilly-weather gods? Maybe “Proudly Made in Oklahoma” was stamped on his butt. Whatever the reason for Santa’s demise, does he deserve to be dumped head first in an ill-fitting trash can? By the time I found him he was cold and there was no pulse.

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A call for artists to jump into the “Art Dive”

April 21, 2008 10:05 pm
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As reported here last week, one of the new features at the July 11-13 Summer Fest in The Junction will be an “Art Dive” that’s being organized by Twilight Art Collective. Tonight, the folks at Twilight asked us to share this call for participants:

In an effort to inject even more LOCAL ART in this year’s Summer Fest community celebration, this year we will be introducing “ART DIVE”! Art Dive will be a flea-market-like area designated for local artists to sell their goods. 8′ x 2′ tables in the Art Dive tents will be just $125 for the three-day weekend. The Art Dive will have a PRIME LOCATION on California Avenue just South of the North Performance Stage at the Oregon/California Ave intersection! ALL artists are welcome and encouraged to apply!! Just send Twilight an e-mail at and put “ART DIVE” in the subject line, and we’ll forward the application to you.

Twilight, by the way, just launched its redesigned website; you can see it here.

Update: Fire damages vacant house on 21st SW

April 21, 2008 7:52 pm
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That photo and video clip show the house at 5645 21st SW (map) where flames did significant interior damage within the past hour. Firefighters tell WSB the house was a “vacant rental”; nobody was inside, nobody hurt, they don’t know yet how the fire started — damage was particularly heavy in the living room, and firefighters had to “ventilate” the roof. Investigators are just getting to work on looking for the cause.

Fire in 5600 block of 21st SW

April 21, 2008 7:15 pm
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One witness in line of sight reports “significant smoke”; big callout headed that way, we are too.

New parks levy? New advisory committee has West Seattle reps

April 21, 2008 7:09 pm
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Latest move by the City Council in its pursuit of a new parks levy – which the mayor reportedly wants to delay – as the old one expires, is the appointment of a citizens’ advisory council. We recognize at least three names on the list as West Seattle citizen activists (Pete Spalding, Bruce Bentley, and Sharonn Meeks); while we crosscheck for other WS ties, here’s the full list of members:Read More

West Seattle Weather Watch: Warm & sunny by the weekend

April 21, 2008 6:54 pm
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Or so the latest forecast says. Hope so, before we all go nuts. We started an interview on Delridge at 5:35 pm under blazing brilliant sun … an hour later, thick gray clouds and cold rain.

Skittish about skateparks? How about a tour?

As we reported last week after covering the Morgan Community Association‘s quarterly meeting, some controversy remains over the Parks Department‘s plan to save space for a skateboard “feature” at the soon-to-be-built Myrtle Reservoir park. At that meeting, Parks Department project manager Virginia Hassinger suggested a firsthand look at some existing skateboarding facilities might assuage concerns. MoCA’s Cindi Barker is proposing organizing a tour this Saturday if enough people are interested. Here’s more from Cindi:

One of the suggestions made near the end of last week’s Morgan Community Association meeting was for people who had not been to see a skatepark in action to take a “field trip” to get some info. I’d be willing to organize such a trip, something like in a caravan to visit the Ballard Bowl (4,200 sq ft bowl), the Burien Skate park (a 7,500-square-foot skate park, Nakano Associates, architect, coincidentally the same architect hired to do the Myrtle Reservoir Park itself) and a third park mentioned by Virginia Hassinger at the MoCA meeting, which sounds smaller in scale and is more melded in with the surrounding park rather than a pure bowl design. If neighbors can observe the skate parks in operation, it might answer some questions and give neighbors a good idea of what they can expect. I realize that the next Myrtle Reservoir Park design meeting on May 1 isn’t about the skatepark, but it sure is sounding like we should know what to consider around this proposed skatepark feature. I would propose a Saturday morning, maybe running from 10 to 2, to cover drive time and allow us to spend about 45 minutes at each park. If people could comment to this posting, it would give me an idea of how feasible or well attended this would be.

No obligation, but if you’re potentially interested, say so in the comments here and we’ll let you know about “next steps.” This could be a good prelude to the next public meeting about the Myrtle park, which is 7 pm May 1 at High Point Community Center.

Update: Missing teen home safe

April 21, 2008 1:50 pm
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missingsydney.jpgThat’s a photo of 15-year-old Sydney Hess, a West Seattle High School student who is missing, according to a family friend who asked us to post her photo and a request for help in getting her safely back home. She is believed to have run away on Friday night and did not show up for school today. The family asks: “If you have seen her or have any information about her whereabouts, please call Heather Hess at 206/291-4933 or contact the Seattle Police Department [Southwest Precinct] at 206/733-9800.” 6:48 PM UPDATE: Word is that she is back home safe.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Followup on 17th/Trenton gunshots

Early Sunday, we posted 3 reader reports about gunshots at 17th/Trenton and promised to follow up with the Southwest Precinct. Just heard back from Sgt. Jeff Durden, who shared this info from the report: A 22-year-old was having a party for a friend’s birthday; “uninvited guests” showed up, a fight ensued, “several rounds” were fired into the air. The shooter(s) took off. No arrests, no injury, no property damage … no description of the suspects’ car, either. Regarding readers’ reports that this house had problems before, Sgt. Durden, who leads the Community Police Team, says it wasn’t on their radar but CPT officer Adonis Topacio will investigate — that’s who to contact (info here) if you have info to share.

Harbor Ave wall: What went up, is now coming down


That photo taken a short time ago shows the work that’s under way right now to dismantle this wall put up earlier this year along Harbor Ave (without proper permits, according to the city) east of Salty’s – here’s the photo we took last month:


As we wrote at the time, the city had posted “stop-work” orders earlier in March; the project is NOT related to Salty’s at all — it’s an industrial site with a different owner. We have messages out to city inspectors to try to find out more about the site’s status.

2 highlights of what’s happening in West Seattle tonight

April 21, 2008 11:18 am
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SUSTAINABLE WEST SEATTLE: Last general meeting before SWS presents its first-ever Sustainability Festival (May 4, NE corner of Alaska/44th, right across from the Farmers’ Market, lots more info here) – tonight’s meeting is at 7 pm, Camp Long.

RESCHEDULED PARK MEETING: Quick reminder, the rescheduled Hiawatha Community Center open house/meeting to get your take on the Seattle Parks & Rec Dept.’s future (the original meeting was postponed a week ago because of floor fumes) is tonight @ 6:30. Last West Seattle opportunity is Thursday night @ High Point CC. What’s the meeting all about? See our report on the one @ Southwest CC last Thursday. (If you can’t attend a meeting, share your thoughts online by 4/30.)

Longfellow Creek Garden farm update

April 21, 2008 10:04 am
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We told you two weeks ago about the new community-organic-farming effort on a plot of land off Delridge known as “Longfellow Creek Garden.” Today, the LCG blog has photos from the hugely successful work party on Saturday to clear the land, plus a short list of what’s on the agenda next. (That site, by the way, is one of 3 just added today to our “Other Blogs in West Seattle” page, which features links to 144 WS-based blogs, after a frequently updated digest of excerpts from the sites’ latest updates.)

5 days left to sign up for WS Community Garage Sale Day

April 21, 2008 7:02 am
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The big day – dozens of sales all over West Seattle, a shopper/seller’s dream! — is Saturday, May 10; registration ends this Friday night 4/25 so we can work on the map, get packets to the participants, and intensify the areawide publicity blitz. Join the fun! Registration links and more info are on the official West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day website.