West Seattle Crime Watch: Officers fight off attackers


Thanks to Scott for that photo of a sizable police/fire response early this morning in the 6000 block of California. In case you heard the sirens too, here’s the word on what happened, from Lt. Steve Paulsen @ the Southwest Precinct: Police were called about a fight in the street involving two men (Scott says there was plenty of shouting even before law enforcement arrived); when officers intervened, they themselves were attacked, and had to use a Taser to get one suspect under control.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Officers fight off attackers"

  • Kayleigh March 31, 2008 (8:13 pm)

    What is happening to my neighborhood? *&(&(*^$%#$#

  • songstruck April 1, 2008 (7:39 am)

    I’m pretty sure this started on Graham. I was awoken by shouting about 4:30 AM the same morning. A guy in a white van had pulled partially into the alley blocking the sidewalk. The driver was fighting and arguing with another guy on the sidewalk. I shouted that I would call 911 (and did). After a couple minutes, a woman appeared out of nowhere and walked off with one man while the van driver headed off down the alley in his vehicle.

    Within minutes there were at least three police cruisers circling the neighborhood and searching with their floodlights. I’ve had my disappointments with 911 response, but they really came through this time.

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