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West Seattle Little League Jamboree: A home run

Wintry chill couldn’t keep West Seattle Little League players and families off Bar-S Playfield today for the annual season-starting Jamboree. WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham got tons of great shots:


At center right in the group of photos above, that’s the “Voice of the Mariners,” West Seattle resident Tom Hutyler, on hand to announce players and teams. In the group of photos below, at upper right you see former Mariners and Oakland A’s outfielder Dave Henderson pitch in the first ball, along with one lucky Little League player. Matt writes: “Players and coaches, from T-ball to Majors, ran onto the chilled field as fans and parents hailed their grit”:


Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,

Update: Newest details on community fundraiser for arson victim


(left to right, as they’re known in the WSB Forums, JanS, NewResident [Molly], Beachdrivegirl [Megan])
Those are some of the WSB Forum Community members who gathered this morning at Uptown Espresso in The Junction for their second meeting to plan the April 19 fundraiser for Puget Sound Key and Lock, which lost everything in the still-unsolved arson attack that gutted the business eight days ago. The event will be at Admiral Pub, whose owner Eric joined the group this morning:


There’s still lots you can do to help. The group’s meeting again at Admiral Pub next Saturday at noon. In the meantime, much of the brainstorming is happening on a mailing list the group has set up – they invite you to join by following the instructions on this page. Meantime, mark your calendar for 6 pm April 19 at Admiral Pub (latest details and forum discussion here)! And you can donate any time to the Puget Sound Key and Lock account, through any Wells Fargo branch.


(Also from this morning’s meeting: To the right of Beachdrivegirl [Megan] are Alkiguy [Steve L], Kathy, Steve Sindiong from the Morgan Community Association, and JoB.)

Earth Hour: West Seattle didn’t exactly go dark

Just back from surveying the streets. Put it this way – if you were looking down from a plane or satellite, you wouldn’t have been able to tell Earth Hour from any other hour. Sure, the Space Needle was dark (clip above shows a few seconds of that, shot from Don Armeni) and the Qwest Field roof ribs too, but not much else. The porch light was even on at Hizzoner’s house in North Admiral. Here at WSB HQ, we turned off everything but the computers.

Wild weather continues: Snowy West Seattle Saturday night

March 29, 2008 7:28 pm
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(Dusk video of snow added 7:59 pm) ORIGINAL 7:28 PM POST: Snowy up here in Upper Fauntleroy, just came from The Junction amid a snow/sleet mix. Got some great pix just in from the sun/clouds afternoon mix & will be adding momentarily. Update: Here are two courtesy of Chas Redmond:



7:30 PM: Forecast says snow showers could be in the picture at least through tomorrow morning. 7:37 PM: It’s STICKING already out there! ADDED LATER: Before the evening wave of snow … two more lovely pictures from earlier … first one at Don Armeni, thanks to Eric from; second one, thanks to Dawson:



Earth Hour 8-9 tonight: What you might see from West Seattle

Reminder if you missed earlier mentions (or haven’t seen Google‘s tribute) — Earth Hour is tonight, 8-9 pm, with many city-owned lights going dark by order of Mayor Nickels. If you look across the bay during Earth Hour, you’ll reportedly see such iconic illuminated structures as the Space Needle and Qwest Field participating too. Here’s worldwide backstory.

Another exotic-cat sighting in West Seattle

Shades of serval-mania! Steve in North Admiral e-mailed to say:

(Last night) we saw what looked like a very exotic cat moving rapidly through the backyards and greenbelt slope between Palm Ave SW and Ferry Ave SW in the 1700 block area. It was not so big–probably 10 – 15 pounds, but it had absolutely “african savannah cat” markings much like the larger serval cat that was seen and eventually captured a few months ago near PCC. Beautiful bold spotting on its body and black rings on its tail. I’ve never seen a cat move like this fellow–he/she was up on house roofs, back down to ground and darting around, etc. Never got close enough to get a picture.

We haven’t called animal control but probably will if we see it around again. It seemed highly stressed.

Here’s a map of the area. Here’s the last followup we had on the serval situation Steve mentioned. SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: The situation is resolved (as per comments below) — the cat, a Savannah, found a way to get into and out of its house while its owners were away, but a friend just verified it’s back inside now – and sent this photo (so you’ll know, if you ever see it):


Rummage/garage sales: 1 right now, WSCGSD in 6 weeks

March 29, 2008 1:21 pm
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That’s the scene a short time ago in the Seattle Lutheran High School Gym on the north edge of the Junction (Genesee just west of 42nd) – the Booster Club‘s rummage sale to raise money for SLHS athletics is under way till about 4 pm today, and one of the most surprising finds we noticed was a large quantity of lovely wood furniture. This is yet another reason for us to remind you that WSB is presenting West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this year, and it’s now six weeks away! We have set the date for registration to open — APRIL 10 — and hope you’ll sign up to be part of it – both individual sales and group sales are welcome and we’ll be promoting the heck out of it in hopes of bringing garage-sale throngs here to WS to shop and buy; watch both WSB and also our official WSCGSD site ( for ongoing updates, and if you’d like to be on the e-mail list for announcements and reminders (we promise, no spam, no high volume) please e-mail us at – thanks!

Race day: Sailboats on the Sound

March 29, 2008 12:54 pm
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Just a few of the sailboats we saw off Alki earlier this morning, as they headed around Alki Point and southward — it’s the Corinthian Yacht Club‘s Pully Point Race (more info here including the list of participating vessels). And thanks to Hopey for sending a different view as the race headed past the Fauntleroy ferry dock:


ADDED 2:20 PM: Hopey caught the racers heading back northbound past Fauntleroy:


2 items from Thriftway: Egg-hunt pix, plus a chance to help


Those are some of the folks who, as we showed you last Saturday, thronged West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction exactly a week ago for its annual kids’ egg hunt. Thriftway has just posted dozens of its own pix online and is inviting families who participated to come have a look and send them a note if you want a copy (find the Easter pix here). In the same e-mail, Thriftway also asked us to share news of a benefit barbecue coming up next Saturday (4/5): Thriftway employee Julie Lynch is battling breast cancer — a cause that the Thriftway team has long been active in (see this page) — and the store’s going to cook up burgers next Saturday (April 5) to offer a burger/chips/soda lunch for $7, all proceeds to Julie and her family. (In case you lose track of that event or anything else going on in West Seattle, just keep a daily eye on our Events list page, updated multiple times daily.)