Reward offer reported in “Mo” poisoning case @ Westcrest


Two days after we reported the story of “Mo” the Katrina-survivor dog getting seriously ill from suspected poison at Westcrest Park‘s off-leash area, at least two citywide media sources are picking up the story tonight, and Pasado’s Safe Haven — which rescued “Mo” from New Orleans and brought him here, where his “mom” Cammie Owen adopted him — is reported to be offering a reward, as some WSB readers hoped would happen. We are checking directly with PSH to be sure we have the facts straight, since at least one of the citywide reports so far seems to be confusing the Westcrest case with the Fauntleroy Park poison alert also circulated on Friday. But according to the e-mail forwarded to us, PSH will be posting artwork on its site for flyers to print out and post. Not there yet, but we’re keeping watch. Stand by for more. 11:40 PM UPDATE: Pasado’s Safe Haven tells us it’s working on the website update. Citywide coverage from tonight is here and here.

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  • k February 4, 2008 (7:38 am)

    yet another reason not to visit westcrest. the reasons seem to be mounting. where can we safely take our dogs off leash? (please no comments from cat owners. every cat in our neighborhood lives freely outdoors. thanks)

  • Jo B February 4, 2008 (8:15 am)

    We walk our dogs on leash… 26′ expandable leashes… and our dogs would be as much at risk as any others since they are very quick and very food driven.

    It is possible that the person(s) doing this are not targeting dogs, but that’s what they are killing. And ours, being smaller, would not sicken… they would die.

    These dogs are well loved, well cared for family members… not wild uncontrolled creatures.

    Whoever is ding this is breaking human hearts.

  • BB February 4, 2008 (9:11 am)

    If the speculation that these tainted treats are being left about to thin out the coyote population is correct we must be dealing with some rather dumb individuals… Given that the squirrel population is probably 100x bigger, and active all day long we will be seeing a number of dead/dying squirrels soon.

  • CM February 4, 2008 (11:33 am)

    Well, if that’s the case, then whoever’s “responsible” is even dumber than that. Rat poison doesn’t just kill the first animal, but any animal that eats the carcass can absorb enough to be potentially lethal. The stuff doesn’t have a half life and is not digested. Evntually, it simply gets diluted enough to no longer pose a threat.

    It is plausible that someone neighboring the park is treating a rat problem, and the rats are returning to the park before they die. The poison’s not instant. We all know how interesting a dead animal is to just about any dog.

  • Jo C February 4, 2008 (4:06 pm)

    Can anyone tell me what the symptoms are of a dog being poisoned? I hear it is not a quick reaction.

  • Amy February 5, 2008 (1:17 pm)

    I am so pissed about this so-called “story.” The vet has speculated that it was rat poison and the hysterical owner, aong with the otherwise respectable Pasado’s Safe Haven have speculated that it happened at Westcrest. So where’s the reasoning? If two dogs had exhibited these symptoms, then it would be news. No one knows anything about this Cammie Owen, except that she’s further stigmatized West Seattle, Westcrest Park, White Center and all off-leash parks with her hysterics. I am sickened by her behavior and finger-pointing. This wouldn’t be a story save for the backstory of the New Orleans connection.

  • Westcrest Steward February 5, 2008 (4:03 pm)

    Amy, Look at Cammie’s posts. She wasn’t flat out saying it was at Westcrest Off leash area. It could’ve been the trails below as well as other places.It was just a possibility and to be alert of any thing unusual. The media has distorted the story and many people know and like Cammie. She is still a regular at Westcrest. sTeVo

  • Dan Davis February 5, 2008 (7:48 pm)

    Back off Amy, let your dog get sick under the same circumstances and see how you react. You say “no one knows anything about this Cammie Owen…” I know her from the dog park, and I can tell you that she is obviously upset about the possible poisoning and my guess is that she would like to prevent any other dogs and dog owners from having to go thru the same ordeal. If you are willing to judge her in print, then I would hope that you took the time to read all of her posts, including the one that states “The media has cut a lot of what I said during the interviews yesterday. I told all the reporters that I have not SEEN rat poison at Westcrest, but with the recent amount of dead rats found at the park, and the fact that poisoned bones and treats have reportedly been found at Fauntleroy, it seems the most likely that it happened there, and my hunch is in the woods outside of the off leash park.” Myself and others that go to westcrest share your concern over the media coverage and the possibility that people will overreact to this whole situation, I just dont think that attacking Cammie is the way to handle it.

  • Ric February 5, 2008 (8:24 pm)

    I must say that Cammie is the least dramatic person I have ever met. Please, all of us should do the research before we act or respond. That goes for you too Amy.

  • kristing February 14, 2008 (8:26 pm)

    I have two lost brown-ish dogs in my yard right now. One is a lab-pit mix and the other a lab-somethin’ mix. They are just hanging out with our 2 dogs but I can’t get a hold of “the olivers” (the name listed on the one tag)

    I know this is not the right place to post this but I am a first timer to the site and can’t seem to find where to put this info. Thanks.

    (206) 719 1385

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