Cute, cuddly kittens … want some for just a little while?

This Monday, West Seattle-based Furry Faces Foundation partners with Feral Care and the Seattle Humane Society to mark the upcoming “Spay Day” by spaying/neutering dozens of feral cats. Teri Ensley from F3 tells WSB that in the process, they’ve received kittens who need foster homes. If you love kittens but don’t really want one around for a LONG time, this might be the perfect opportunity:

So far, Feral Care has 50+ feral cats humanely trapped and rested quietly, just waiting to be fixed. Along with feral trapping … comes kittens. Yes, kittens already. Some are tame and some are feral. We are hoping we can find some people that are willing to foster 2-4 kittens as a time until they are fixed and ready for adoption events. The fostering stint will most likely be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks … depends on the age and tameness status.

(People) can get a kitten fix and help save their lives by offering a temporary home. Also, fostering would count as community service hours for those that have school requirements.

Ready to find out more about helping out a couple of those little guys till they are ready to find permanent homes? E-mail Teri at: By the way, if you have a non-neutered pet and $ is the only thing that’s kept you from taking that important step, you might qualify for this city-sponsored offer.

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  • JM February 25, 2008 (2:51 pm)

    If my partner didn’t have allergies, I’d definitely be interested.

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