Red Cup Espresso update: Message from Angelia’s husband

angelia2.jpgEight days after Red Cup Espresso owner Angelia Paulsen‘s tragically early death in a car crash, her husband Sean O’Dea e-mailed WSB early this morning to ask us to share this with you:

I cannot possibly find the words to describe or thank everyone for the level of support that has been offered to us at this time. I have had hundreds of people come to me with offers of help with anything I could possibly need. This has come from merchants, customers, neighbors and friends. It feels like the entire community has stepped up at at a time of overwhelming grief, and overwhelmed us with care and love. We are doing our best to keep the shop open, and will be open every day from 6 am to around 2 pm. As soon as I can, I plan to have it back to regular hours. I know how much Julian and I loved Angelia, and am extremely touched and honored by the love and respect shown to her memory. Thank you all.

Sean had previously posted in the comments section — up to 111 as of early this morning — following our original report on the accident.

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  • Courtney Croppi January 16, 2008 (10:10 am)

    I used to work next door to Red Cup at The Sun Room and i would go to Red Cup everyday and get at least 2 cups of coffee and sit there and bug
    Angelia and Sean they were always so sweet and up beat and full of good advise. I contined to go there threw the years to talk to Angelia for friendship and advise, she always hade the right thing to say. Its now 7 years later and i will miss her dearly and all of her good advise and that warm smile she always had when you would walk threw the door.
    I send my love and prayers to Sean and Julian in this time.

    I will miss you Angie!

  • Alissa Cullen January 17, 2008 (8:56 pm)

    I also used to work at the Sun Room a few years back. The Red Cup was usually the only place near by that was open at 9 AM on a Sunday, so of course I would always stop and get my morning fix. Almost anytime I would stop Angie was there smiling and ready to greet the day. After the salon closed I still stopped by quite frequently on my way to work. A few months ago Angie and I were trying to figure out a way that I could help her out in the mornings at the shop. The timing just wasn’t right for our scheduals, but I wish I would have gotten the chance to work with her. She will be missed dearly by anyone who has ever come in contact with her. My prayers go out to Sean and Julian. Angie, I will miss you!!!

  • PLynch January 19, 2008 (10:36 am)

    I know Angie left behind 2 full grown cats who need a home now.. There is one M and one F. They really need to place these cats..hopefully together. If you know anyone who would be intrested in them let us know..


  • clancy's sister February 3, 2008 (1:18 am)

    Sean, I am thinking of you, and your son. I know my sister is still a wreck, as is Patty( and maybe randy). I know I cannot do anything to make it better, but you are in me and my sister’s thoughts. We love you…

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