Condo conversion on Beach Drive


Kind of expected this one, once this waterfront building at 3633 Beach Drive went up for sale last April, and now it’s official: City records confirm it’s converting to condos. Upgrade work is about to start, judging by one permit that’s just been issued (which lists the owners as Alki Eight Partners, LLC, possibly hinting at what the future condos might be called; property records show they bought the building last month for $3,350,000).

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  • David January 30, 2008 (9:07 pm)

    I lived in that building for 3 years. Despite being small units (which is fine, condo’s usually aren’t big) I never understood how they make them condo ‘quality’? You could hear your neighbors walking around, or any loud conversation. When any washer was slightly off cycle your whole unit shook. Nice enough apartments, but would someone really pay $500,000 for that just because they have new carpet and fresh drywall?

  • more power January 31, 2008 (7:03 am)

    David, don’t be surprised if the market pays more than $500,000 for the converted units. Too bad no one will have the opportunity to bitch about another tasteless new construction or a developer doing incremental permitting. wah.

  • m January 31, 2008 (4:53 pm)

    lol. I love hearing from previous tenants about what the building is REALLY like. I doubt sound proofing is in the conversion plan. I certainly wouldn’t pay over $500K for a condo there.

  • Sean January 31, 2008 (5:00 pm)

    Let’s see how much each will go for.

  • julia February 1, 2008 (1:47 pm)

    I lived there for 3 years too! David is right-you could hear EVERYTHING your neighbors did. They would have to thicken the walls and ceilings or something to make it worth it. It is a great location, though. I loved living in that neighborhood.

  • C June 2, 2008 (8:03 am)

    Good Morning All…actually sound proofing is going to happen. And it will be much more than fresh drywall and new paint. Please come take a look after the units are completed. I think you will all be very impressed. It is not your typical condo conversion.

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