Reader Recommendation Request: Home security

From KM:

With the recent rash of break-ins in my part of West Seattle, I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for the best local alarm system installation and monitoring company to use? I don’t want to get one that’s expensive and find out they’re 1) crappy on response time and/or 2) monitoring, half asleep, in Montana (no offense to the Big Sky state.)

Please respond by posting a comment with your recommendation; thanks to everyone who helps with the RRRs, which are all archived here.

3 Replies to "Reader Recommendation Request: Home security"

  • Eric December 8, 2007 (6:29 am)

    I bought a house here that already had Brinks installed. I contacted them and upgraded the system. I have had nothing but a good experiance with them since. I have however never had to use them for an emergency, knock on wood.

  • Luckie December 8, 2007 (3:56 pm)

    We’ve used ADT for five years, and have no complaints. Response time is excellent.

  • Scott J. December 8, 2007 (4:00 pm)

    I researched this before we installed an alarm system a few months ago. The big companies (Brinks., ADT) seem to have a lower initial cost, but the monthly charges are higher. Also, their equipment is “locked”, so you can’t change companies without paying a fee.

    We ended up going with a local company called Protective Systems. It was more up front, but the monthly costs are lower, and the service has been top-notch. No break-ins, so far to test them on, however.

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