Burned-out ex-Schuck’s nears the end

We all got excited October 12 when, the day after the demolition permit was granted, the ex-Schuck’s at California/Charlestown started showing some signs of impending activity. Then … nothing, till a construction permit for the replacement project was issued last Friday, and today, we got a reader tip (thank you!) that takedown crews were on scene … WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli went over for a look and reports, “… the entire interior is indeed gutted and the front windows are blown out. Looks like they went through the interior with a bobcat tractor [see second photo]. The north parking lot was full of burned-up debris.”



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  • Bob Loblaw December 4, 2007 (6:01 pm)

    Saw that today. Woo hoo!

    On a side note: I’ve also seen that there is activity on the southeast corner of 35th and Avalon (across from KFC). Has there been an entry on what may/may not be going on there (finally)?

  • WSB December 4, 2007 (6:17 pm)

    We mentioned it in this post:

  • grr December 4, 2007 (6:33 pm)

    wonder if they’ll build something 40″ tall there now.

  • miws December 4, 2007 (9:12 pm)

    Speaking of KFC, I haven’t been that direction for awhile.

    How’s their remodel going?


  • Bob Loblaw December 4, 2007 (9:39 pm)

    Thanks WSB. I won’t hijack this post but, wow, talk about a sore thumb.

  • Jan December 5, 2007 (12:10 am)

    Hallelujah !!!!

  • GenHillOne December 5, 2007 (6:25 am)

    Jan, I was going to type the very same thing last night, couldn’t remember how to spell it, and was too tired to look it up. So I DITTO Jan :)

    I still remember the awful smell in the air when the store burned; the smoke was so black. I’m surprised it even looks as good as it does inside.

  • Mr. JT December 5, 2007 (7:10 am)

    Again, what are us that live on/near Charlestown going to use as a landmark when someone comes to visit? Nothing quite like “turn left at the burnt out building” that we have been able to use the last 5 years !

  • Ron Burgundy December 5, 2007 (10:40 am)

    Well if we should be so unlucky, at some point in the future you could tell your friends to “turn left at the giant Petco”.

  • Jan December 5, 2007 (3:32 pm)

    Mr. Burgundy….bite your tongue. We don’t even want to put those vibes out there :)

  • m December 5, 2007 (4:15 pm)

    Hey Mike,
    The KFC remodel is coming along. They painted it over Thanksgiving weekend. I rarely drive by when it’s light out (darn these short days of winter!) so I haven’t noticed if they are finished. The colonel has not let anyone down during the remodel because it looks like the drive-thru has been open the whole time. :)

  • Eddie December 5, 2007 (6:44 pm)

    It absolutely amazes me that it took them 5 years to clear out the fire damaged junk from inside that hulk.

  • Vio December 5, 2007 (10:04 pm)

    The building that is being built on the site is a red brick two story retail/office structure. Zoning would have allowed a three story mixed use building but the owner (who lives in eastern WA) wanted commercial.

  • miws December 6, 2007 (3:48 pm)

    Thanks m!

    Ironically, I walked by there yesterday about an hour after you posted that, while on my way to the bus, after making an emergency trip to the Dentist, due to an infection from a bad tooth.

    It looks like they are coming along just fine, with the dining area remodel still unfinished.

    I was curious, early on, as I think others were, as to the “build-up” and wondering if that would result in another floor of dining. It looks like it’s just to make the building stand out a little better.

    Waiting for the antibiotics to kick in, and the swelling to go down……


  • Todd December 6, 2007 (10:49 pm)

    Anyone know what took so long in this wonderful era of teardown to townhome as WSB puts it? I mean, perfectly good structures have been torn down and condos put up in much, much less time. Shoot, the DRB meeting for this project was over a year ago. Oh, and just what is that vomit enducing smell in Petco anyway? I made the mistake of cutting through when I parked behind it to go to another business on California. Guess our parking days there are numbered. I’ll just avoid that Jeff. Sq. area like the plague.

  • girl December 10, 2007 (12:37 am)

    I heard the new building at the Shucks site will have a restuarant and 3 retail shops, does anyone know what the shops will be or what kind of restaurant it will have?

  • WSB December 10, 2007 (5:49 am)

    Grr – If leases have been signed, it hasn't been publicly announced yet. The leasing agent's been advertising on the side of the about-to-be-razed building. Todd – In our short career so far of following development projects and other new-business ventures in WS, this just seems to be par for the course. For example; it took the folks behind Shadow Land a year and a half to open the place, from the first time we wrote about it when the liquor-license application was posted, and they didn't even have to build a new building.

  • Todd December 13, 2007 (4:26 pm)

    Thanks WSB.

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