Beautiful day/night ahead – but tomorrow…


(photo from Shannon, taken this morning in Fauntleroy — thank you!)
It’s one of those rare times when Saturday and sunshine synchronize. We’ll be out decorating (after braving the basement, who knows what moved in down there during the bad weather); after night falls, please let us know what spectacular new holiday displays you see, for the ongoing WSB Christmas lights features (photos archived here, clickable map on the Holidays page). We’ll also be covering some of the numerous events happening today and tonight (check the West Seattle Weekend Lineup for the most detailed list) and are especially looking forward to the Christmas Ship’s three WS stops tonight (Seacrest at 5:15, Lowman at 8:50, Alki at 9:40). So enjoy all this because we just checked the forecast and tomorrow says “chance of rain or snow”!

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  • Oliver December 8, 2007 (3:43 pm)

    On such a beautiful evening, we’d like to take our two year to look at Christmas lights. It’s the first year he will really be in to it. What neighborhood has the best displays?

  • Oliver December 8, 2007 (4:42 pm)

    I found an answer:

    Did they miss any?

  • WSB December 8, 2007 (6:13 pm)

    Having been Christmas light nuts since way back when, we would just caution you that since the article you linked is 3 years old, there’s no guarantee the same folks are still doing it this year. For example, they mentioned Fauntlee Hills …we’ve been thru those blocks a few times so far this year and it was a shadow of its former self, but then again, it’s “only” December 8th and maybe everybody was out putting up lights today (we’ll be checking again later). That’s why we are on the lookout ourselves and marking them on the map on our Holidays page (click the tab atop all pages on the site) – all current stuff from this season. Locally, we would recommend a drive along Harbor/Alki/Beach Drive – lots to see, from Salty’s on the east to the Menashe home on the west (both featured on our map).

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