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Final WSB Top 7 of ’07: Biggest West Seattle stories of the year

hourglass-horn.jpgOn Saturday we listed our Top 7 WSB ’07 video picks; on Sunday, the Top 7 most-discussed WSB posts of the year. Finally tonight, with hours to go till 2008, the more traditional list – top West Seattle stories of the year. Let us know if you think something else should have made the Top 7. Here goes:

#7 — 4132 CALIFORNIA FIRE: This August inferno was the biggest West Seattle fire of the year, and it was arson; no arrests reported to this day, but reconstruction of the project is now well under way.

#6 — CALIFORNIA/ADMIRAL REPAVING: From March through July, city crews repaved major stretches of two of West Seattle’s most significant arterials. (Ah, if only Fauntleroy and Alki, among others, could get the same love.)

#5 — NEW JUNCTION FOOD: What a year it’s been, from Garlic Jim‘s to Shoofly to Ama Ama to Shadow Land, with Spring Hill up next.

#4 — ALKI STATUE OF LIBERTY RETURNS, BUT THE SAGA’S NOT OVER: A big year for this West Seattle icon: The plaza project hit the radar in July; the recast statue returned to its original pedestal on September 11th; the plaza fundraising has two more weeks to go. Bound to be a major story again in ’08.

And one last Casey Kasem turn … the countdown continues:Read More

Last look at the last day of ’07


Thanks to Marco in High Point for e-mailing this photo of Lincoln Park in today’s glorious sunshine.

West Seattle crime watch: From the latest police reports

Two main headlines from the latest stack of reports at the Southwest Precinct: handcuffs_2.jpgAn alert neighbor helped police nab three burglary suspects, and somebody targeted two cars driving along Delridge. First, the cars: Both incidents happened Friday night while the drivers were heading northbound in the 4500 block of Delridge. First, a 34-year-old woman driving a Nissan Quest told police that around 7:25 pm that night, her passenger-side window suddenly shattered; then, a 43-year-old man driving a Mercedes heard something hit his passenger-side door around 7:30 pm, and when he stopped, he noticed a small hole made by what looked to have been a BB pellet. Nobody hurt in either case, and no arrests reported so far. (In case you were wondering, that is 3 miles north of where bicyclist Peter McKay was shot with pellets on Delridge last month.) Now, the rest of the reports, starting with the burglary arrests:Read More

After 40 years at Lien Animal Clinic, Dr. King says “so long”

WSB dropped in for a quick soundbite as the retirement celebration began this morning for Lien Animal Clinic‘s Dr. Larry King. We asked what he’s going to do now:

The clinic, of course, will keep going strong. Read more about it and its staff at the Lien website.

41st/42nd/Alaska megaproject watch: Crane time



Thanks to everyone who e-mailed to say the crane equipment has arrived at the QFC/Office Depot megaproject site in The Junction. WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli took the above photos from the 9th floor of Alaska House (the ex-Huling/Gee land and Fire Station 32 are in the background). Christopher also reports that there’s a traffic alert in connection with this: “41st St SW is closed between Alaska and Oregon. 42nd SW is open but electricians are working on the west side of the site and have the sidewalk closed.” Another of his photos:


More info from Christopher: “It looks like they’ve poured a large footing in the very bottom and middle of the building site to which they are attaching a crane in sections. It looks like this large, yellow crane will be a fixture on the West Seattle skyline for the foreseeable future. Workers erecting the crane told me that it will be 140 feet high when completed.” Three more photos ahead from different perspectives:Read More

West Seattle crime watch: Car vandalism

Out of the inbox:

My husband just went out this morning to find a car that was parked in front of our house on Charlestown egged (near 53rd). It must have happened sometime yesterday or, I’m guessing, last night. I know you guys have covered vandalism and stuff like this in the past, so I thought I’d pass the information along to you and see if others have experienced the same thing. It seems kind of random, as we don’t have kids and pretty much keep to ourselves. The car was a rental and had California plates.

As always, a reminder to everyone – don’t hesitate to call police when you see or hear something suspicious, and of course when you believe a crime has been (or is being) committed. In addition to 911, there’s a non-emergency line at 206/625-5011.

Welcoming the newest WSB sponsor: Allstate’s Phillip Plenkovich

In today’s traditional WSB sponsor welcome, we’re letting you know about the Allstate Insurance agency in Morgan Junction where you’ll find (left to right in our photo) Phillip Plenkovich allstate.jpgand Andrew Mead. Phillip is a West Seattle native who attended Arbor Heights Elementary, Denny Middle School, Chief Sealth High School, and the University of Washington. His community involvement includes the West Seattle Rotary Club and coaching youth basketball at the West Seattle YMCA. His specialties include auto, home, and life insurance. Andrew helps clients with life-insurance and disability coverage; he and his wife Sharon moved in August 2006 from Maple Leaf in North Seattle to High Point here in West Seattle, where he’s working to build community as the president of the new High Point Neighborhood Association. Thanks to Phillip and Andrew for supporting WSB; if you are interested in finding out how to join them, check out our Advertise page (which also lists the current sponsor lineup) – we’ve got new opportunities coming up in the new year!

Happening in West Seattle today & tonight (with a p.s.)

December 31, 2007 9:20 am
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THIS MORNING: As Katherine noted in the WSB Open Discussion forum, Lien Animal Clinic is inviting the community to drop by till noon today and offer “happy retirement” wishes to Dr. Larry King.

TONIGHT: The New Year’s Eve happenings list on the WSB Holidays page is probably about as long as it’s going to get, unless you’ve got something to add. “Science Friction” at Youngstown Arts Center, and watching the Space Needle fireworks from any vantage point on the West Seattle shore, are among the highlights. (And we’re still working on the New Year’s Day coffee list; what we have so far is on that page too.)

SIDE NOTE: Times Square fans might appreciate some of the New York pix that Wendy Hughes-Jelen from High Point has been posting on her blog while traveling.

Reader reports: Return of the ruminants


It’s the first goat sighting in West Seattle since Kids for Kids @ Gatewood Elementary in October (our report with video here) — we received two tips about goats at work now in north West Seattle, including this from Eric Bell of, who also sent the photos above and below:

While on one of my regular walkabouts (Sunday) afternoon, I happened upon an increasingly familiar Seattle occurrence… a herd of goats ridding a hillside of unwanted foliage. These free-range ruminants. aptly named, were clearing brush from a couple of overgrown properties on Ferry Avenue, a sidewalk-deprived backroad that connects the Admiral District to Harbor Avenue. After conversing with the “shepherd” – who actually wore a floppy hat and carried some sort of shepherd-like device, I discovered his gang of goats will be around for about a week. This was literally a traffic-stopping event, while taking photos (and shooting some video), at least five cars pulled over to witness this pastoral event.

Our other tip came from “Garybert & Garybert’s Lady,” who e-mailed:

In travels (Sunday) am spotted ruminants ruminating on the hillside northside of Ferry by Victoria SW. Goat herder advised they would be there another week and then move across the street to another hillside. Just look for the bright orange (and electrified fence).

In case you’re not familiar with that area, here’s a map.