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Upzone update #2: Applicants’ statement; your next steps

Continuing our report on details about the California Ave (Hanford to Hinds) rezoning request that were revealed at tonight’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting: While, as we mentioned earlier, there are two “primary applicants,” the area involved in this request to “upzone” from the current NC1-30 to NC2-40 has more than 20 property owners. The applicants’ rep Josh Stepherson says 70% of them have signed on for this, but even among the other 30%, he says, none are opposed. His presentation included bullet points on what “positive impacts” the applicants think this would have on the area — but first, the full text of their statement, included in the 10-page handout Stepherson distributed tonight:Read More

Upzone update #1: Who’s proposing it

Just back from dropping in on the Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting to hear the promised mini-presentation on the proposed “upzoning” of both sides of California from Hanford to Hinds (and a bit beyond, on the west side). Not only was a DPD rep there as expected, so was Josh Stepherson, who’s representing the property owners behind the proposal. He brought along a 10-page handout, and among the new details included in that handout were the names of the “primary applicants” — Roger Cayce and Mike Gain. If you are a relatively recent West Seattle arrival, you might be thinking “Yes, and your point is — ?” It’s this: Back when we arrived in the early ’90s, they were the biggest names in WS real estate, with their names on almost every for-sale shingle. (We bought our house from a Cayce & Gain listing, after two years of renting a Cayce & Gain-managed condo.) Their names are still on a property-management firm in the proposed rezone area, but what was Cayce & Gain Real Estate is now Prudential NW (also in the proposed rezone area). So why are they (and other area property owners) asking to change the zoning? We have some details on that too, as well as on plans for a public meeting in about 2 weeks, coming up in a complete report we’ll post here later tonight.

Looking ahead to summer, in fall

November 13, 2007 7:42 pm
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That’s the summertime scene at West Seattle Stadium, during the West Seattle Relay for Life. The next one happens in June 2008, but the people who organize it are working on it already, and inviting the community to their next meeting, tomorrow night (Wednesday), 7:30 pm @ Fauntleroy Children’s Center. Organizers describe WS Relay for Life as “a fun-filled overnight event designed to bring together those who have been touched by cancer in our community.” The event includes the lighting of luminaria (in the white bags you see in the photo above). If you can’t attend tomorrow night’s meeting (they meet each month, same time, same location, second Wednesday), you can find out more about Relay for Life by calling Karee at 206-674-4105 or Melissa at 206-281-3738.

Today’s West Seattle scenes: Auction preview, classroom chat

November 13, 2007 5:00 pm
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From West Seattle Blog contributing photographer Matt Durham, two photographs of events around WS today — first, from the Gee West Seattle (ex-Huling) auction preview (more info on the auction, which starts tomorrow and Thursday @ 10 am, in this earlier post):


Second photo is a familiar scene to West Seattle families with kids in elementary school — and for everyone else, it explains why you are seeing kids out and about earlier than usual this week — it’s “early release” time, to clear afternoon/evening blocks for parent-teacher conferences. Here, Matt photographed Kent Ferris, 4th-grade teacher from Lafayette Elementary in the Admiral District, meeting with parents:


Parent-teacher conferences (and early dismissals) continue citywide through November 20; here’s the district calendar. (Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,

Thanksgiving, for free!

November 13, 2007 1:45 pm
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Two opportunities — one pre-Thanksgiving, one on the holiday itself.

Pre-Thanksgiving, High Point Community Center invites everybody to a feast they’re having this Friday night, 6-8 pm, featuring deep-fried turkeys, veggies, rolls, even door prizes.

On Thanksgiving — we just got details from Carol Madaio @ Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering about the fabulous free feast that somebody mentioned in our RRR thread below, the community dinner at the Hall @ Fauntleroy:

Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering hosts a free Thanksgiving Community Meal on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, from noon to 3 PM at our banquet facility The Hall at Fauntleroy. This will be our 9th year hosting Thanksgiving dinner at the Hall. Co-owners David and Meg Haggerty and David Meckstroth invite all to come to this served traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings prepared by our Executive Chef Michael Chase. The meal is a seated dinner served by our volunteer families – many who have been with us every year since we began in 1998. We are located in the old Fauntleroy School Building across from the Fauntleroy Church at 9131 California Ave SW.

In the RRR of your blog, Jan commented that it is not a “soup kitchen” kind of meal. This is in part because of the warm atmosphere of our room. The biggest part however is our guests. Some people come from the street to warm up and have a much needed meal. Some come from their warm homes to share conversation. Some come just to be taken care of for the day. Some come alone, some bring the whole family. Some guests come because they came the first year and look forward to the ambience which has made this into a new tradition. The reasons are as different as our guests, but one thing is for sure, we all leave with a sense of community.

People can call me if they need any more information, 206-932-1059 ex 305.

Taking it to the streets

November 13, 2007 1:06 pm
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Not sure if this is the first time the Seattle City Council has gathered on Delridge — but it’s probably the loudest time. Members were at Delridge and Myrtle to officially unveil the Pedestrian Safety Initiative (details here; we’re checking for West Seattle specifics) that’s part of the $900 million-plus city budget proposal. Here’s our first video clip (1 more to come) from the start of the event this morning; local kids appear nearby, about a minute in:

Second clip features a local neighborhood activist hoping to get her voice heard:Read More

More on the King County Ferry District plan approved today

Heard back from KC Councilmember Dow Constantine‘s staff on our question about the KCFD plan approved this morning: watertaxisailiconsize.jpgNo significant changes from the original plan posted on the county website. The levy rate to pay for Ferry District operations — including the Elliott Bay Water Taxi, the Seattle-Vashon passenger ferry that the state has to give up, and “demonstration routes” on other county waterways — will be 5.5 cents per $1000 of property value — $22/year ($1.83/month) if your home is worth $400,000. The assessment will start in January. As for Water Taxi operations — Argosy will continue to operate the service next year, for a season that might start slightly earlier and end slightly later than this year, and in summer of 2009; if dock improvements at Seacrest are ready by fall 2009, that’s when “in-house operations” would begin and the Water Taxi would go year-round — if dock improvements aren’t done by then, they say, that work would happen in winter ’09-’10 (it can’t happen any other time of the year) and year-round operations would start no later than spring 2010.

Bulletin: Ferry District plan passes

8-1 in favor (King County Councilmembers sitting as King County Ferry District), only no vote was Reagan Dunn. Missed part of the discussion so checking to see what changes if any were included in the approved plan, which is FD2007-06.1, with Title Amendment T. Lots of happy talk about transportation in King County now going “back to the future,” with a modern-day version of the fabled Mosquito Fleet. West Seattle’s Councilmember Dow Constantine talked about how the Mosquito Fleet was swept away by the automobile, but now, “those automobiles are sitting in gridlock and we don’t have a lot of choices about how to get from place to place” — this is a step toward more options; it includes demonstration routes elsewhere on Puget Sound and Lake Washington, in addition to the Elliott Bay Water Taxi and county operation of the Vashon-Seattle passenger ferry that the state has to give up. More details in a bit.

Peek at what’s on the block

November 13, 2007 10:00 am
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geeauctionsign.jpgAs of right this moment, it’s preview time for the items that the ex-Gee dealerships are auctioning this week as part of the process of getting cleared out by the end of the month. The preview (till 4 pm today) and auction (10 am both Wednesday & Thursday) are likely to be quite lively; the official auction webpage mentions “food service available at auction site” (personally, we’d just walk over to The Junction, so many tasty options). If you’re curious, here are full lists of what’s on the block: “day 1” is here (from item #1, a battery charger, to #814, miscellaneous plants), “day 2” is here (from #831, a pneumatic fuel tank, to #1145, whiteboard and cabinets), downloadable PDF of the whole catalog is here.

Happening now: King County Ferry District vote/discussion

November 13, 2007 9:51 am
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You can watch/listen in online (or on cable) on King County TV. (The levy to pay for Elliott Bay Water Taxi operations and other passenger-ferry routes is the main topic of discussion right now.)

California Ave “upzoning” proposal: Find out more tonight

We first told you five days ago about the new proposal to rezone both sides of a stretch of California Ave south of Admiral Junction. Right now it’s zoned NC1-30 (latter number is maximum height); the proposal, brought by a representative for area property owners, is to change that to NC2-40. (“NC” stands for neighborhood commercial; other Seattle zoning designations explained here.) Here’s the area in question, in a screengrab straight from the city “notice of application” page:


Some of those commenting on our original post suggested new development in that area will be an aesthetic improvement. Then there are concerns like this one:Read More