Upzone update #1: Who’s proposing it

Just back from dropping in on the Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting to hear the promised mini-presentation on the proposed “upzoning” of both sides of California from Hanford to Hinds (and a bit beyond, on the west side). Not only was a DPD rep there as expected, so was Josh Stepherson, who’s representing the property owners behind the proposal. He brought along a 10-page handout, and among the new details included in that handout were the names of the “primary applicants” — Roger Cayce and Mike Gain. If you are a relatively recent West Seattle arrival, you might be thinking “Yes, and your point is — ?” It’s this: Back when we arrived in the early ’90s, they were the biggest names in WS real estate, with their names on almost every for-sale shingle. (We bought our house from a Cayce & Gain listing, after two years of renting a Cayce & Gain-managed condo.) Their names are still on a property-management firm in the proposed rezone area, but what was Cayce & Gain Real Estate is now Prudential NW (also in the proposed rezone area). So why are they (and other area property owners) asking to change the zoning? We have some details on that too, as well as on plans for a public meeting in about 2 weeks, coming up in a complete report we’ll post here later tonight.

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  • chas redmond November 13, 2007 (8:42 pm)

    Wow – that would be job number three for Josh. First he was the West Seattle rep for the Seattle Monorail Project and then he was working for the Mayor’s office in some capacity as neighborhood rep for Bridging the Gap and other initiatives. He certainly knows West Seattle inside and out and is honest and straightforward. Be interesting to see what develops – that’s three well-connected names associated with this upzone request. Sometimes private developers with vision can turn things around when city’s can’t – that stretch of California is due for some visual upgrading – I just hope what results is right for West Seattle. Too much Ballard/Roosevelt/Green Lake sameness in some of these newer condos and makeovers. I’m sure those other neighborhoods feel the same way – we don’t need a visually vanilla landscape. Nor do we need some awful combination of Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream, either.

  • Todd November 13, 2007 (9:51 pm)

    Just say no to the DST.

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