Arrest in 59th/Admiral murder

First word from the P-I: suspect arrested in Bellevue. More to come. 12:10 PM UPDATE: Checked the King County Jail Register. Only one person booked for “investigation of homicide” in the past 24 hours; that person was booked in at 6:37 last night, out 36 minutes later. (The suspect is described as a juvenile, so this likely means he was transferred elsewhere, not set free.) The victim still has not been publicly identified; the county Medical Examiner usually issues afternoon updates, so we might have that info later.

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  • ANONY October 15, 2007 (1:22 pm)

    How can someone be released on suspicion of murder, unless they don’t have enough evidence to formally charge them? Or maybe being ‘out 36 minutes later’ really means he was transferred into custody of Seattle authorities? Anyone know how this works?

  • Ron Burgundy October 15, 2007 (1:48 pm)

    KOMO is now (1:53 pm) reporting that the suspect, a juvinile, has turned himself in to Bellevue police.

  • WSB October 15, 2007 (2:43 pm)

    FYI all – previous comment has been deleted, as it was verbatim cut and paste from the P-I story that is linked from our post. You can read the P-I story by following the same link that has been on our post above since we added it three hours ago. We will add any new information that we obtain from police, prosecutor, Medical Examiner, etc., as we get it.

  • WSB October 16, 2007 (11:03 am)

    For anyone looking at this on Tuesday – we have heard from the suspect’s lawyer, who says his client is still in juvenile custody. We will have a full post on this early this afternoon.

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