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West Seattle had its own holdout

This P-I article today reminded us of something similar along West Seattle’s waterfront Condo Row about 10 years ago — a Harbor Ave condo complex that went up in a U shape around one semi-ramshackle little house whose owner refused to sell. We managed to find an archived P-I article mentioning the Harbor holdout, photo included (scroll down this page). According to city permit records, the house finally came down, and the condo buildings came together, in 1999. Haven’t yet found a record of how much the holdout house finally sold for, though.

The banner police must be on vacation

Saw this at 7 am today, resolved we wouldn’t mention it unless it was still there at 6:30 tonight. It was. Where are the banner police? On the campaign payroll, maybe? WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Still there …


With a hot hat tip to Pike/Pine …

… we debut a new WSB feature. Thanks to the cool folks at Clementine who agreed to help (after we explained this requires expertise which we don’t have, as the least fashionable people ever), and thanks to the readers who suggested WSB should feature fashion from the streets of West Seattle. (A la Pike/Pine, the city’s premier “fashion seen on the street” site.) First, the photo – then, the narrative, and a request for you: 


Narrative from Clementine owner Linda Walsh: “Diana Mucci, seen on California Ave rockin’ polka dots socks and retro high-top sneakers. The contrast of pattern works well with simple black and white. I like how she mixed it up. Nice on the eyes.” (The Clementine blog, by the way, is here.)

Thanks again to Linda, and now our question for you: Got a snappy name for this feature? Leave a comment or e-mail us! Sorry we still don’t have WSB swag for prizes, but maybe we can post YOUR photo on the site … or something.

Driver alert: More Sylvan Way work ahead

October 2, 2007 4:24 pm
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 |   Transportation

A month and a half after major work finished up, the city says Sylvan Way is scheduled to close this Saturday for a one-day paving project, weather permitting.

Avoid the bridge

October 2, 2007 1:46 pm
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 |   WS breaking news

Lots of police activity on the high bridge right now – 911 site mentions a “motor vehicle accident” – avoid it for a while if you can. 1:50 UPDATE: Just got a note from WSB frequent contributor Christopher Boffoli, who says it was a “three-car accident caused by road debris.” As of a few minutes ago, he says, traffic wasn’t moving, which our eyewitness verified too. 2:30 UPDATE: No new eyewitness reports but the bridge cams look good, so it appears to have been cleared.

Election countdown: See & hear the candidates

October 2, 2007 12:45 pm
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 |   West Seattle politics

Five weeks from today, it’s General Election Day (and one of the last times you’ll see signs like the one below, taken on Primary Election Day at our polling place). You can prepare by reading about the candidates and the ballot measures online — and by going to any of the candidate forums coming up around the area. Here are a few: At 6:30 tonight at the Georgetown Ballroom, all 9 city council candidates are scheduled to appear. Next week (6:30 pm October 11), the school-board candidates will appear at a forum at school district HQ. Then on October 18, the Alki Community Council will host a Q/A forum with the candidates for West Seattle’s open school-board seat (District 6) as well as the candidates for the open City Council Position 3 seat. TUESDAY EVENING ADDITION: Just heard about the Sustainable West Seattle RTID Forum on October 16.


Another apartment building on the block

Remember SeventyOne, the condo-converted 1-bedroom apartments south of Morgan Junction, once proclaimed by signage as “midcentury retro”? A similar complex less than a mile north on Cali has just appeared in for-sale listings: The Cal-Ray Apartments at 6000 California, offered for $1,995,000. Its official flyer (photo below is from that flyer, created by the listing-holders at Summerfield) doesn’t mention conversion but does suggest “strong potential for redevelopment.”


Not entirely nameless

October 2, 2007 6:09 am
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 |   How to help | West Seattle parks

The park-in-progress west of The Junction is already known, albeit unofficially, as Ercolini Park, so you might wonder if you read the second item here today (or saw the original city press release), what’s up with the “name search”? The neighbors whose time, toil, and $ have gone toward making the park a reality, Friends of Ercolini Park, plan to submit their own proposal before the November 1st deadline and are hopeful the final official result will honor the land’s previous owner, as does the park’s current unofficial name.