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Statue plaza debate: Symbolic of a struggle for West Seattle’s soul?

Now that the recast Alki Statue of Liberty is watching over the waterfront, the time concern has fallen away from the debate over a new plaza at her feet, so a different concern emerged from several audience members at tonight’s Parks Department-organized meeting: Is the plaza plan too fancy for humble Alki Beach?


Listening to how the questions and comments were phrased, we couldn’t help taking the question a step further, especially after the word “gentrification” popped up twice — are some of us ambivalent about the evolution of WS beyond its simple, small-townish core?

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Creative crosswalks

Thanks to Jerry @ JetCityOrange for sending pix of the crosswalk work by Lafayette Elementary:


The pattern is made of a heat-transfer type of plastic called DuraTherm, according to this Herald article from last month; read more about DuraTherm crosswalks here.


Think our crosswalks need more of this treatment? That’s probably something you can bring up at next Wednesday’s WS open house about how to spend millions of voter-approved city $. And steps away from this street work, a Lafayette note: School families are wrapping up Phase 1 of their playground renovation project with a volunteer planting party this Saturday. Congratulations!

Headlines from Alki Statue of Liberty “what’s next” meeting

Our full report will take a couple hours (wait till you hear about The Dots). statueforicon.jpgIn the meantime, here are a few headlines:
Paul & Libby Carr’s group changed its name today to the Seattle Statue of Liberty Plaza Project.
-The full plaza/pedestal project would cost $156K; $90K of that remains to be raised.
-If that $ is raised by the end of the year, and other aspects of the project stick to a tight timeline distributed at tonight’s meeting, the SSLPP says the plaza could be done and dedicated next Fourth of July.
-If you have an opinion on new pedestal vs. new plaza and pedestal vs. neither, now’s the time to tell the Parks Department what you think, because the public comment window might close fast.

Yet another reason to check out tonight’s Art Walk

September 13, 2007 4:03 pm
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… and there’s plenty of time to go Art Walk-ing, before and/or after the Alki Statue of Liberty meeting: The folks at Divina remind us that they are participating in the Art Walk tonight and featuring live Brazilian music, with Kiko Freitas 6-8 pm and Eduardo Mendonca 8-10 pm.

Bridges’ beauty

OK, so driving on them isn’t always a dream, but an engineering group says the WS bridges are among our area’s most amazing creations of the past half-century.

Good news for Cafe Rozella fans

rzlla.jpgWe e-mailed Cafe Rozella owner Ricardo Guarnero to ask about a blurb in the newest City of Seattle Neighborhoods Newsletter saying that he was thinking about moving the coffee/culture hotspot. Ricardo responded quickly to say, no, he’s not moving, because: “We like the spot we have and are committed to the White Center community, which we treasure.” (Technically, Cafe Rozella is on the border, if you consider there to be one, between West Seattle and White Center — it’s within the city limits.) He also wants everyone to know: “We have just published the Rozella Review, a journal of writings and poems by White Center residents and would-be WC residents. The reaction has been very positive. If anyone wants to take a look at one or even buy one ($10) they can drop by the cafe.” If you can’t get to Cafe Rozella sooner (or even if you can), tomorrow night is a fantastic time to drop by. CR has live music every Friday night but tomorrow night, when Jovino Santos Neto performs at 7 pm, CR is also part of the monthly Music Nights in White Center event; read more here about who’s performing where at other nearby venues.

Also happening tonight

September 13, 2007 9:04 am
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art+walk.jpgThe monthly West Seattle Art Walk in The Junction is 6-9 pm tonight; organizers have posted the flyer (with map and list of participating businesses, buildings, and artists) online here. The folks at Ginomai also wrote us to make sure you know they have a “great free parking lot” at their place on the north end of the Art Walk route (42nd/Genesee); for this month’s Art Walk, they are featuring five artists from the Senior Center in the Ginomai community room.

Also tonight — from the WS waterfront, you might notice a big contingent of paddlers heading out from Alki Kayak Tours at Seacrest around 6:30. The Surfrider Foundation, People for Puget Sound, and others are heading out in kayaks and on boards to call attention to their push for federal $ for what they say is a necessary component of oil-spill prevention in Puget Sound — a full-time rescue tug stationed at Neah Bay, to cover the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. (The WS waters we enjoy here, ultimately come from there. A near-catastrophe happened there in 1991 and can happen again.)

One less fish ‘n’ chips choice, for a while

Rhonda @ Beach Drive Blog notes Sunfish has posted a sign that it will be closed till October 11th. Just down the block, incidentally, the proposed restaurant/residence building at 2810 Alki Ave gets an early look tonight from the Southwest Design Review Board (meeting 6:30 pm @ the Southwest Precinct).