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Huge thanks this morning to Sage K, who already has enriched WSB with eyewitness reports about incidents including last Friday night’s Delridge fire scare and the August 12th Longfellow Creek Apts. fire. When we realized we couldn’t get to last night’s West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting, we asked Sage about possibly providing notes — and what notes they are — comprehensive, enhanced with attachments featuring informative handouts from the meeting, such as a list of West Seattle businesses fined for liquor violations in the past several months …

First, Sage K’s notes from the meeting, lightly edited:

  • There was a rash of home-invasion burglaries in the South Park area, but none in SPD jurisdiction since about 7/18. They were somewhat random in that specific people were not being targeted, but it was more about area and accessibility. The 2 they spoke of happened to elderly people. One older gentleman had gone out to water his plants early in the morning and when he came back in left his sliding glass door open and the screen unlocked. The invader jumped the padlocked fence in the backyard and entered the home through the open door.
  • The other incident was similar in that it was an elderly person who had their sliding glass door open but the screen locked. The invader took a knife and cut through the screen and opened the door, scared the tenant and cut them on the hand to prove a point, rifled around for 10-15 min. They said that King County had been dealing with some home invasions with the same M.O.
  • They gave handouts explaining what the investigators need by law to make a case, and explaining the differences between trespassing, burglary and home invasion.
  • That TV repair shop on Delridge & Brandon has been sold and the former owner is out of the country. What they plan to do with it is still unknown.
  • The best way to recover stolen property is to buy an etcher and etch either your name or some other identifying mark that proves it is indisputably yours. Property that has had its serial number removed is almost impossible to identify and return to the owner.
  • Renters’ or homeowners’ insurance is really important to have.
  • Gang graffiti vs. tagging. The gang-related stuff usually has multiple cross-outs and taunts around the original. Ex. MS-13 – is a current gang related group; gang R.I.P is usually about someone who died as a result of a gang hit.
  • If graffiti is on private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to paint or remove it in a timely manner. It’s a good idea to take a picture of it before you cover it up and if it keeps appearing, let the SPD know about it.
  • There are some graffiti hot spots that need to be adopted (a person or group who will keep an eye on it and paint over the graffiti as needed) if you are interested call Lois Grammon-Simpson – 206-323-3150
  • Graffiti hotline 206-684-7587 (for graffiti on Seattle private and public property: buildings, signs, bridges, retaining walls, etc.)
  • Metro Transit Property graffiti hotline – 206-684-1800
  • Seattle Parks & Recreation Property graffiti – 206-684-7250
  • Seattle School Property graffiti – 206-252-0550
  • If you need a place to hold a meeting, you can use one of the Seattle Public Library’s meeting rooms. Sign up at your local library to use the room, it’s free to non-commercial and non-profit groups, and held during normal business hours.
  • The WA State liquor board is doing undercover work to catch businesses selling to under 21. A list of the most recent offenders was passed out along with when businesses will be reapplying for their liquor license. (WSB note — you can download those lists below.) Please let the Comm. Officers know if you have a business in your neighborhood that is a problem — serving to under 21, selling too much at one time, selling to drunk people, has people hanging around all the time, etc.
  • The next community meeting will be on September 18, 2007.
    • If you’re going to set up any type of community meeting or neighborhood watch, call Crime Prevention Coordinator Ben Kinlow @206-684-7724; he will be a great resource for you.

    Here’s the supplementary information Sage provided:

    Links to the criminal code definitions of certain crimes —
    Residential burglary
    1st-degree burglary
    2nd-degree burglary
    1st-degree criminal trespassing
    2nd-degree criminal trespassing

    Downloads (Sage photographed the handouts, we uploaded the images; you may need to deploy your viewer/browser’s “zoom” function)–
    WS businesses cited for liquor violations
    Liquor license renewal date for WS businesses
    How to prevent residential burglaries

    Another hearty round of applause for Sage K!

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    • herongrrrl August 22, 2007 (8:35 am)

      Wow, that’s great info! Thanks, Sage K and WSB!!

    • JD August 22, 2007 (10:40 am)

      I was at the meeting last night too and thought it was fantastic! A great way to stay informed and become a stronger community!

    • miws August 22, 2007 (9:02 pm)

      Wow! A double whammy for the 7-11 at 35th & Avalon. They were also recently hit with a robbery.


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