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Bye-bye, Box

starnailsbeautybox.jpgNoticed this week that 3256 Cali is for sale, the site best known for its little brick business duplex with the timeless Beauty Box sign on the south wall; appears its owner died earlier this year. Before we got around to mentioning the listing here, reader e-mail tipped us that the Beauty Box shop is closing next month; big sign in the window verifies it, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS/EVERYTHING FOR SALE. No development application filed for the site yet so far as we can tell from the city database.

“Crashing on Logs”?

That’s the subject line of reader e-mail we just received — wondering if “Walking on Logs” was OK after a crash in the area last night — the reader was driving past that spot on the Fauntleroy end of the WS Bridge approach and saw an overturned car (as well as police cars and a tow truck). We won’t be able to go by to check for a few hours; in the meantime, any and all info appreciated. 7:40 PM UPDATE: Just drove by, looks none the worse for wear.

An outdoor movie in September! Yay!

sidewalk-cinema.jpgSign on the gate @ Hotwire says last night’s rained-out showing of “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” WILL be rescheduled for “a Saturday in September,” no date yet, we’ll let you know the second we hear. Meantime, in the rainout post on his Sidewalk Cinema blog, movie maestro Philip notes that next Saturday’s “Edward Scissorhands” showing will have an 8 pm opening band, Pagasys (hear them here).

Scenes from a soggy Sunday

August 19, 2007 2:38 pm
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Within just a few minutes’ time — the view westward from Alki Avenue; the view south from Constellation Park:


Sylvan surprise, with a bonus

August 19, 2007 10:13 am
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Just ventured into the monsoon to verify this reader tip: The major east-west WS route between 35th/Morgan — running down Sylvan Way — and the Home Depot intersection is open again. (The project that closed it was supposed to take 3 months but it’s only been 2; we’ll check tomorrow for official project status — the detour signs on 35th aren’t gone, just covered with black plastic.) And even though those involved with the project insisted they were only focusing on Sylvan Way in the new housing area (photos), those ruts on the last eastern stretch have been filled. Hallelujah!


Freeway Fright ’07 & beyond: Transportation tidbits

August 19, 2007 2:09 am
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i5logo4.jpg1 more week or so to go till we can stop hearing about I-5, for better or for worse, for now. Remember, the WS Bridge ramp to NB 5 is closed this weekend, like last weekend. Other WSDOT updates are here. Meantime, some related notes to share:

watertaximidday2.jpg-On the citizen-group proposal for a new Water Taxi dock/terminal, one of the group’s leaders, Vlad Oustimovitch, posted a comment that you might have missed (scroll down on this post), answering some of the questions about the plan, which also got some exposure at the Seattle Weekly blog, Daily Weekly.

SCENIC_Alaskan_Way_AWV.jpg-Hey, what ever happened to the dithering over the future of The Viaduct? The Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Project for Regional Development is suggesting a new tunnel idea — under downtown. (Whatever the case, this page seems to suggest WSDOT believes The Viaduct will be coming down in 2012. Its next public meeting about The Viaduct’s future is next Wednesday in Pioneer Square.)

-Catching up with the 83 sites on our Other Blogs In WS page, we came across a few people’s I-5 tales: Esprit de l’escalier wrote about the Chicken Little-ness of it all, Mountain Songs says even her bus was early, 1000 year headache recounts his first week of FF ’07.

-Last but not least, some cruise-ship passengers missed their boat on Saturday, and Freeway Fright ’07 is fingered as the possible cause.

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