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Finally, some information on the van in the WS kidnap/attack

Found it in only one report, but for everyone who either wants to be on the lookout or has been wondering if it’s someone they have dealt with, here’s what that report says:

Police are now looking for the suspect’s vehicle, a maroon 1987 Dodge van with dark painted windows and Washington license plate: 425 LLV.

You’ve seen the signs, now see (and hear) the people


Political signs are multiplying along every busy stretch of road in WS (and elsewhere in the city). This is because the primary election, earliest ever, is less than 3 weeks away. The hottest Seattle races are for School Board (including the WS district, whose rep, Irene Stewart, is not re-running) and City Council; we are now just a few days away from your chance to see/hear the School Board candidates in person, at an outdoor forum, Pathfinder K-8 School lawn (Genesee Hill), Monday night, bring a picnic dinner, enjoy free ice-cream treats courtesy of the Pathfinder PTSA –picnicking and mingling with the candidates starts @ 5:30, speeches @ 6:30. One PS on the August 21st election: Two King County ballot measures will be decided, both tax levies — Proposition 1 for regional/rural parks, Proposition 2 for parks, trails, and Woodland Park Zoo.

WS woman’s kidnapper/attacker “lived in a van”

That’s according to this story (video clip included), including an interview with the husband of the victim, now identified as Terry Leffard. Still no additional info from other coverage or Seattle Police of exactly who the kidnapper/attacker is, except that he is described as a transient living in a van. One clarification — with verified address info (9800 block of 33rd SW), we know the area where this happened is Arbor Heights, not Westwood as we mentioned earlier.

Freeway Fright ’07: You saw it here first but …

wtrtxi.jpg… you should see it again. Nine days after a sharp reader helped us bring you first word of the Elliott Bay Water Taxi‘s increased capacity, extra early-AM run, and extra shuttle during the looming Freeway Fright ’07, King County posted another official alert about it today. If you still aren’t completely dialed into the I-5 challenges ahead, here’s the WSDOT lowdown; here’s the city’s plan; here’s our newly enhanced traffic-cams-n-more page (we’ll be adding more including the I-5/Spokane Street cam since that will be the epicenter of the Aug. 10-29 fun).

More details of attack on WS woman

August 2, 2007 2:47 pm
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The Times says she was found in Cle Elum because her kidnapper/attacker dropped her off at a clinic there. Still no ID or description of the “landscaper” who is suspected of having done this.

Update on Seacrest diving death

August 2, 2007 12:06 pm
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The name of the diver who died at Seacrest last Monday is now public: Wayne Hernandez, who was 43. The article does not mention a hometown but public databases for King County list only one person of that name/age, from Redmond.

Missing woman found

Seattle Police just told us the WS woman reported missing (previous post) has now been found, and officers are going to talk to her to find out what happened. This all unfolded in the Westwood area. At least, that’s where police say the victim lives; this update quotes family members as saying the victim was found in Cle Elum. We have asked Seattle Police to let us know if it turns out later there is a suspect we all need to be watching for.

Missing woman in WS

August 2, 2007 11:37 am
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Thanks to everybody who wrote to tell us about this while we were out on Blue Angels watch — the search for a missing woman in West Seattle. Will see what more we can find out from Seattle Police asap, including where this happened.

Ex-WS tycoon now vacating Vashon

The tycoon who brought WS the Delridge megaflag (photo below, looking south from outside Uptown Espresso) has just put his Vashon ranch up for sale (Beachcomber story including detailed property description here; Times story here), less than a year after moving his company out of West Seattle. (The ex-SGA Delridge building, by the way, is no longer listed for sale anywhere that we can find. Oh real-estate insiders out there, does it have a new owner?)


They’re here!

7 am, just after the Blue Angels landed @ Boeing Field and parked @ their Seafair “home” alongside the Museum of Flight. (I-90 bridge closures start at 9:45 am.)


Alki Statue of Liberty: Latest from the pro-plaza organizers

Sealady1.jpgJust in from Paul Carr, who with wife Libby Carr is heading up the group that is picking up the stalled proposal to build a plaza for the recast Alki Statue of Liberty. His unedited e-mail responding to recent comments, questions, and criticisms, as well as some questions of his own, and the latest on their committee’s efforts, all after the click:Read More