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Imagine this view … with water up to your knees?


Tonight’s sunset, from Alki, where the sand runs out on the eastern edge. How much might global warming/climate change/whatever-ya-wanna-callit alter our WS shorelines? The National Wildlife Federation is out with a new report attempting to answer that, while examining potential effects on other shoreline habitats around our region. Channel 7 tv news came out to Alki to do its summary of the NWF report and even traveled south of the point to cast a suspicious eye on the pilings-propped Harbor West complex, but we can’t find that clip online, yet. You can read the entire NWF document for yourself, however (and note the WS photo on page 13, taken by WSB reader/chasBlog blogger Charles Redmond). Bottom line? Maybe a 2-foot rise around here, so it sounds like Beach Drive waterfront houses are safe, for a century or so, at least.

Stopover on the sand

Tribal canoes on the region-wide Paddle to Lummi 2007 are stopping over at Alki. Read more about the journey here; if you can’t get down to the beach, check out some of the photos kindly sent to us by WSB reader Margelyn:


Water Taxi “makes room” for more

A commenter broke the news beneath the I-5 post below … we got it confirmed by King County and WSDOT: wtrtxi.jpgThe Water Taxi is getting new technology (Automatic Identification System equipment) which enables the Coast Guard to certify it to nearly double its passenger capacity to 250. This is being done in time for Freeway Fright ’07 next month, but will last beyond that. As King County Councilmember Dow Constantine‘s office points out, the increased capacity will be good for other peak traffic times and heavy ridership situations, such as the the day last year when a deadly accident blocked The Bridge. During the August 10-29 construction period ONLY, an extra WT trip will be offered, at 6:10 am, and two extra shuttle vans will be added to the WT Shuttle routes during “peak hours.” For those of you who like to know where the $ is coming from, the county says the state is picking up the $20K-plus that’s involved here. SIDE NOTE: If you didn’t see our detailed report last Friday afternoon about a proposal to create a new Water Taxi terminal at Pier 1/2 adjacent to Jack Block Park, read it here.

Burglary suspect arrested

A Gatewood neighborhood e-mail list has been abuzz about word of an arrest in connection with one or more of the break-ins that have hit several WS neighborhoods (from Gatewood to The Junction and further north), and concern about whether this person will be appropriately charged. Seattle Police are able to confirm for us that one person is under arrest, and they are awaiting word on what charges will be filed by prosecutors — what happens after they make arrests is ultimately up to the prosecutor’s office, not the police department. They say they cannot go into any other details at this point.

Happy WSAD

bannerday1.jpg Yes, today’s the day – West Seattle Annexation Day: The 100th anniversary of WS getting annexed into The City … the reason Hizzoner dedicated the tree and the plaque before last week’s Hi-Yu Concert In The Park … the reason you’ve been seeing banners around town like the one at left. tells the tale, and also offers a more detailed history of our side of the bay. Today’s Times includes a small blurb with a cool old photo (bottom of this roundup). So … how should we celebrate? Or should we at all? 

Hair, minus the spray

While the moviegoing world is fussing over this, an even-more-classic musical has just 6 more shows to go onstage at ArtsWest, and we’ve received unsolicited raves here at WSB. “Hair,” featuring the rising stars of the Summer Musical Apprentice Program, plays this Wednesday-Sunday.


If you’re, oh let’s say, under 40, you might not know “Hair” was the hottest show of the ’60s, and still timely today. The photo above (courtesy ArtsWest, taken by captures the psychedelic-ness of it all. Now, about those raves — click ahead to read ’em (followed by online-ticketing info, and even T-shirts …):Read More

The name game, yet again

Joining the WS Condo/Townhome Name Hall o’Fame along with Verge, NoMo 12, SeventyOne, Bayberry, Sea Holly, and so on, we now have Stratus and Gables — the names Mosaic is giving its condo conversions (“Stratus”=Graham Street Apts., sold for $9 million; “Gables”=West Ridge Park, sold for $22 million). We would like to see developers/marketers consider names that pay homage to the process, perhaps a townhouse complex called Nocquedowne and a condo conversion called Evixus.