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Scenes from Hi-Yu Parade Day ’07, 5th installment: The people

July 21, 2007 11:59 pm
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While we sit back in our fold-up chairs and enjoy the parade, we can’t forget how many people it takes to make it happen — not just the hundreds of participants, but the others behind the scenes. Kudos to the Hi-Yu and American Legion folks, among a legion of others. Now, another group of photos — focusing on people. We start with the Hi-Yu royalty and other Hi-Yu folks (red shirts), who held court on the SW corner of Cali/Alaska (the camera crew you see behind/above them involved Art Institute students who have been shooting video at Hi-Yu events as a project):


Click ahead for more parade people, from the famous to the oughta-be-famous:Read More

Scenes from Hi-Yu Parade Day ’07, 4th installment: The wheels

Cars, trucks, floats, you name it — if it had wheels, you probably saw it in the West Seattle Grand Parade. Including boats with wheels, like the Seafair Pirates‘ fabled Moby Duck:


More parade wheels — human-powered, gas-powered, even 100% electric-powered (or so it said), after the click:Read More

Scenes from Hi-Yu Parade Day ’07, 3rd installment: The enforcers

July 21, 2007 10:16 pm
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As always, the West Seattle Hi-Yu American Legion Grand Parade began with two very different police-motorcycle drill teams: Seattle Police and Vancouver (B.C.) Police. Our favorite sight is this one, where the SPD officers stand at Cali/Alaska after their performance so they can watch their VPD counterparts:


To see the officers actually on their motorcycles — click ahead:Read More

Scenes from Hi-Yu Parade Day ’07, 2nd installment: The kids

July 21, 2007 9:43 pm
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We’ve got a few dozen pix to share, so we’re going to do this in installments. This one’s all about the kids — specifically, the Rotary Club Kiddies’ Parade, which meandered down Cali an hour before the “main” parade.


Two of the most creative Kiddies’ Parade entries, after the click:

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“Chicken Run” rainout

July 21, 2007 9:08 pm
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Even in Seattle, who in the world could imagine that if you wait till late July to schedule an outdoor-movie series, the first one would be rained out? Well, it happened in The Junction tonight; sign on the gate @ Hotwire says “Chicken Run” is rescheduled to Friday, August 10th.

Scenes from Hi-Yu Parade Day ’07, 1st installment

Many more to come later. But for now, four photos, starting with deep-fried disappointment: The Spud Fish & Chips mascot did not show off The Calves (quoth one WSB Team Member, “at this rate, next time the mascot will be in a burqa”):


We did spot a letter carrier in shorts before the parade, but we were not photographing him for his legs, but rather, his scarf in honor of Literary Phenomenon Du Jour:


Here’s the parade-watcher with the best seat in over the house:


Finally (many more pix later), WTG to the Hi-Yu folks who urged the crowd in The Junction to do a “no rain” chant before the parade. Except for a one-minute spray of light mist — it worked. Later tonight, we hear, it could be a different story, so we hope we won’t have occasion to see this parade entry back in WS for something less festive:


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Car show mystery finally solved

July 21, 2007 9:37 am
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There IS a car show on Alki today, happening right now. We had received conflicting reports in recent days (and earlier) — it is not sponsored by any official WS-based festival so those folks weren’t involved — finally we knew it would come down to just checking out Alki this morning to see what did or didn’t show up — and indeed, there are dozens of gorgeous classic cars on the promenade. Here’s our drive-by photo. (NOW off to the parade!)



July 21, 2007 8:27 am
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The rain stopped, the cloud ceiling rose. See you at The Parade!

A tale of two pinks

#1 — Our fly-fishing-blog friends at thee a** hooked whitey (one of the 75-plus blogs linked from our Other Blogs In WS page) report the first much-awaited Pink Salmon has been caught in West Seattle waters.

#2 — Here’s something pink you can catch without a hook or a net (just a checkbook). The famously pink Park Apartments just north of Lincoln Park are up for sale. Less than a million bucks!