Bad enough they have TJ’s and we don’t. Burien can’t have our funky, artsy ambience too!

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  • osprey1 June 12, 2007 (9:23 am)

    Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I used to be a regular shopper until I noticed that the organic canned beans sold under TJ’s label are now marked “prod. of China”. Many of their frozen veggies are also produced in China.

    When I asked TJ’s corporate what other products were grown or produced in China, specifically I asked about grains, they answered with…
    “Our buyers are diligent about making sure our suppliers and the products they provide are not below standards set in the United States. Certainly some companies in China, and other parts of the world, are far behind the times when it comes to organics, etc; however, we do not do business with those companies. As always, we allow our customers to vote with their dollars. If nobody wants vegetables from China, those products certainly won’t be in our stores for long.”

    So not only did they not answer my question, they also apparently don’t care that I’m no longer a customer. If you are a TJ’s shopper, read the labels carefully and be aware of what you are buying.

  • Erin June 12, 2007 (10:28 am)

    I have to admit that upon our moving here, the choice was between Burien (on their “Olde Burien” strip) and here in WS. With that said … “Olde Burien” is about three blocks long. It is VERY chic and trendy/artsy, but the rest of Burien did not appeal to us … hence the choice toward WS. Three blocks of cool did’t seem to be quiet enough :)

  • K June 12, 2007 (7:22 pm)

    Just remember…there is still a “non-trendy” part of Olde Burien. The Danish bakery is awesome. If for no other reason, I’m happy to see the bakery get some advertising, even with all the trendy shops. For awhile there, before all the new trendy stores/eateries, Olde Burien was looking pretty sad and run down.
    But still, I gotta say… Rumble on! :)

  • Keith June 12, 2007 (10:07 pm)

    I like Burien the way I like Georgetown – love that it’s close enough to West Seattle to frequent, but I’d rather live in WS.

  • Patrick Robinson June 14, 2007 (10:47 am)

    It’s probably worth noting that Burien is in the midst of a “re-invention” of itself with the construction of a new town square, a new library, and a complete revamping of 1st Avenue South. It’s a very large project (or series of them) and the modernization will have implications for property values (and taxes)…as well as the quality of life there.
    West Seattle’s changes are coming however…soon enough. It’s been very sleepy for a long time but the junction is about to change in some very significant ways.

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