Quick notes

-Funny, we were just talking about Fauntleroy Place: A city council committee agenda that just landed in our inbox mentions a “possible vote” next Monday morning regarding the “alley vacation” that is a key part of the FP project.

-Another council committee has a briefing at 2 pm today regarding the latest version of the citywide skatepark plan. Two (updated from first version of this post; thanks to the reader who corrected us) proposed WS skateparks are currently on the list: Roxhill and Delridge.

-The city kicked off a push for low-flow showerheads today. If you haven’t tried ’em, you might be surprised. We converted to one during a remodel a few years back and it’s really not that dramatic a change.

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  • Robert June 6, 2007 (12:22 pm)

    Re: Low Flow – I think what is really needed are instant on/off switches for showers that doesn’t effect the water temperature setting. I’ve got one and I’m always turning the shower water off when it would otherwise be wasted, then turn it back on when needed. People want to save energy, but many of our control mechanisms make it a hassle to do.

  • James June 6, 2007 (1:01 pm)

    Actually, two West Seattle Parks are listed as recommendations for “skatspots” — Delridge and Roxhill.

  • WSB June 6, 2007 (2:04 pm)

    You’re right – our error – will fix in the main post.

  • Josh June 6, 2007 (4:11 pm)

    While the council is still sorting out where to put even the smallest skating “dot” anywhere in the city…some dedicated volunteers with River City Skate Park (in South Park) just landed $90,000 from the Department of Neighborhoods.

    The leadership for this group includes a number of West Seattle and South Park residents.

    I understand that this grant is enough to move forward with their plans to build with Grindline (internationally known West Seattle designers of skate parks).

    SkatePark website is here: http://www.rivercityskatepark.com/thepark.asp

    It will be a great resource for skaters of all ages, but especially kids.

  • Matt Johnston June 7, 2007 (10:04 am)


    I’m a West Seattle resident, and I presented the plan to Council yesterday.

    There is a West Seattle Skatepark Action Group who has been meeting, and is currently working with City and Parks officials to develop skateparks in West Seattle. This plan includes community outreach and making sure that these skateparks are a positive experience for everyone.

    More information and contact info can be found @ http://www.seattleskateparks.org


  • Dis June 7, 2007 (8:22 pm)

    West Seattle projects in the skatepark plan include a regional facility at High Point Playfield, skatespots at Hiawatha, Delridge and Roxhill, and a skatedot at Alki. Roxhill and Delridge are prioritized, but the others are still very much in the plan.

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